Beyond Redemption

by Richard I. Levine

Verdict: BEYOND REDEMPTION is an absorbing and intricate mystery abounding with intrigue and government conspiracies.

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IR Rating


Hounded by a powerful congresswoman determined to prove him a willing participant in a conspiracy, Dr. Ray Silver finds himself defending his role in what he contends was simply a trip to the Philippines.

Silver teams up with Jenna Grant, a young investigative reporter (who bears an uncanny resemblance to his wife), to discover what is driving Congresswoman Manetti’s witch hunt and why she is so interested in discovering what became of Ray’s brother, Frank who was supposedly killed during a covert mission.

In this sequel to Eye of the Redeemer, Author Richard I. Levine offers seamless continuity and tightness in both the plot and writing. In a dynamic, multi-faceted plot that unearths as many twists and mysteries as it answers questions, Levine manages to naturally relate the major plot points of the first novel allowing readers who haven’t read Eye of the Redeemer to get the full impact of Dr. Ray Silver’s dilemma in Beyond Redemption.

Levine’s narrative is solid and effective on numerous fronts. Levine portrays a credible atmosphere during the exploratory committee hearings, from the physical setting to the bureaucratic posturing.  Strong dialogue also captures the nuances of the diverse personalities, conveying and relaying anything from Ray’s comebacks when the congresswoman demands respect, to all that is implied when Ray’s former partner in the operation, Stella, hints at her continued affection for Ray.

Levine’s characters are well developed and engaging. As the plot untangles through swift but smooth chapter transitions, the layers of the characters’ complex personalities and motivations reveal themselves and leaves the reader guessing just who is conspiring against whom. And just when the pieces of the puzzle seem to have fallen in place, something, or rather someone is missing and awaiting the next Ray Silver adventure.

BEYOND REDEMPTION is an absorbing and intricate mystery abounding with intrigue and government conspiracies.

Reviewed by Maya Fleischmann for IndieReader

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