The Photo Traveler

by Arthur J. Gonzalez

Verdict: Arthur J. Gonzalez is an entertaining storyteller. There is never a dull moment in his story, and the characters are for the most part multi-faceted.

IR Rating



IR Rating

Gavin Hillstone is seventeen and eager to leave his dysfunctional home. His birth parents died in a house fire when he was very young, and a few years later his adopted mother was killed in front of Gavin in an armed robbery.

Gavin’s adopted father is a big drinker with emotionally and physically abusive tendencies. One day Gavin learns that his grandparents are still alive and living on the east coast. He runs away from home and takes a bus from his home in Nevada to Washington, DC.

Gavin’s bus trip is interrupted by a strange encounter with a young woman and man who seem to have it in for Gavin. But he makes