The Fishers of Paradise

Presenting March’s “Ebook Cover Design Awards”

Every month, Joel Friedlander, aka The Book Designer, invites authors to submit their books for his “Ebook Cover Design Award“. And every month, IndieReader is happy to share the news.

And this month’s winners are…


Rachael Preston submitted The Fishers of Paradise designed by Mark Timmings.

“Mark Timmings is an award-winning Canadian designer of art gallery/ museum catalogues and art books. He chose the archival photograph of a man demolishing the boathouses from a collection I showed him. I asked for a background colour that would make the very masculine image more appealing to female readers. Mark did everything else.”

JF: Beautiful, evocative, balanced, and with a great use of color. When a cover is this well balanced, you can’t imagine moving or changing anything that would upset it. Makes you want to read the book, about the best thing a cover can do for you.



Kit Foster submitted Red Steel, written by Russell Phillips, designed by Kit Foster.

JF: Just a great cover from Kit Foster, perfectly suited to its subject matter. It could be taken up a notch with some careful adjustment to the photo to rescue it from its rather smudgy tonal range. Overall, beautifully matched to its purpose, and a great title to work with.



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