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Part of what we’re trying to do at IndieReader is to get people to expand their views of what a self published book is, and can be.

A story in last week’s New York Times, entitled “Safekeeping a Relic of the Punk Era”,  featured such a book, “A near-perfect marriage of object and subject, the printed paper book has a warmth, weight and romance that — sorry, Amazon — cannot be kindled on a screen.

“The creation of (and a gift from) one Steven Schomberg, a man who was in and around Mr. [Richard] Hell’s New York world in the early ’70s, the book appears to be three composition books stuck together somehow. All of the pages are covered with paintings, drawings and writings melded with bits of collage (largely from photos of naked women and frames from superhero comic books). Whatever it is trying to say, it is not broadcasting on a common frequency, but at least it is consistent.

“Mr. Hell lost touch with the author not long after he was given the book and never saw him again. But as someone who has felt the inexplicable urge all artists feel to express themselves, be it with words, a guitar or a pair of white leather boots, he sees something affectingly pure and undiluted in the way Mr. Schomberg put his vision onto the page by hand.”

This is an example of a self-published book.  Any questions?

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  1. August Wainwright
    August Wainwright says:

    Ha. Amazing! My favorite is the end of the Times article:

    “He turned to a favorite passage: “The custom that shook the planet was the unofficial materialism of chaos. There was a great migration to oblivion on one Halloween and infinite fantasia. Amazement: I am responsive to me. Why are you all not?”

    My thoughts exactly. ”

    Right… your thoughts exactly.


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