The Banker Spy

by William G. Byrnes

Verdict: Byrnes’ first novel is a well-written contemporary thriller with a complex plot that will leave readers breathless as they follow an unassuming investment banker into the dangerous world of international espionage.

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IR Rating

American investment banker, Peter Armstrong, has a new job managing the large equity underwriting for a German luxury automaker.  His life is finally on track after his ex fiancée, Dayna Caymus, dumped him via telephone.  She not only broke his heart but also cost him his previous job. Now Dayna, a CIA operative, is back and needs his help.  She wants Peter to use his new position to spy on the German government.

Media savvy Heinrich Denker, the incumbent German Chancellor has a political platform of “prosperity, security and unity” meant to restore nation pride and power.  But U.S. National Security sources reveal that the chancellor has another agenda.  He is using a luxury automaker to secretly produce missiles.  Are these missiles to be used for satellites as he claims or for something more sinister?

As the Chancellor’s intentions become increasingly suspect and CIA sources begin turning up dead, Dayna suggests that the CIA use Peter with his banking credentials to spy on the German automaker.  Peter is untrained but expendable as far as the U.S. government is concerned.  This isn’t the first time that Dayna has used and discarded Peter.  She is ambitious, but would she place him in danger just to advance her career?  With world peace hanging in the balance, Peter is forced to put his fears aside and trust her once again. The last time he was involved with Dayna, he lost his job and his heart, this time he may lose his life.

Byrnes has done his historical research and includes extensive details of the political climate of post WWII Europe as well as the detailed world of international banking.  The Banker Spy will appeal to readers who enjoy a multi-layered, novel with plenty of political intrigue.

Reviewed by Maureen Fajt for IndieReader

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