Presenting January’s “Ebook Cover Design Awards”

Every month, Joel Friedlander, aka The Book Designer, invites authors to submit their books for his “Ebook Cover Design Award“. And every month, IndieReader is happy to share the news.

And this month’s winners are…


Tanya Eby submitted “Tunnel Vision and Other Stories from the Edge”, designed by David Kolenda.

Joel Friedlander: Oh yes. Yes, yes, yes, love the spooky, textured look of this cover. Demands to be picked up.







Meg Akabas submitted “52 Weeks of Parenting Wisdom: Effective Strategies for Raising Happy, Responsible Kids, designed by Julie Metz & Heidi North/Julie Metz Ltd.

“I asked Julie for a ‘minimalist’ look to convey the message that book’s content provides clear and concise advice. I asked for a single strong image that would communicate the book’s format — mastering one skill before moving on to the next, much like completing a puzzle, putting one piece in at a time.”

Joel Friedlander: Outstanding cover from a great designer with an assured mastery of typography, focus, and color choices.

New this month Gold Star winners:

Fiction: Danny Cameron, India Drummond, Laudea Martin, Laura Wright LaRoche, and Greg Ash.

Nonfiction: Eldon Sarte, Adam Bradley, John Moore Williams, and The Art Department.

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