The Cannabis Closet

From the Blurb book page

For decades, middle-class marijuana use has been America’s best kept secret. That ends with the tales in this collection of pot use testimonials, from top executives to responsible parents, from entrepreneurs to A-students, from unwinding suburbanites to the very sick. In more than 120 personal stories, it demolishes every hoary “stoner” stereotype of the regular pot-user.

The Cannabis Closet emerged as a reader thread on the Daily Dish, the ten-year-old popular blog edited by the Atlantic’s Andrew Sullivan. It began with one reader email in March 2009 and became one of the most talked-about cultural discussions on the question of marijuana legalization. This collection, edited by Daily Dish executive editor, Chris Bodenner, is a riveting narrative of how deep the secrecy and normalcy of marijuana runs in mainstream America.

Reading its rich, joyful, painful and complex tapestry of human tales and confessions, it is hard to see how America’s cannabis closet can survive much longer.

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