Little Trouble in Tall Tree

by Michael Fertik

Verdict: The premise of the book is creative and amusing, and the author's way with language is bright and snappy.

IR Rating



IR Rating

Little Trouble in Tall Tree is a tongue-in-cheek film-noir tale of a gangster heist – conducted and carried out by babies.

The head of the baby gang is Squeezy the Cheeks, and our protagonist is his newest recruit, Mama’s Boy. Mama’s Boy, a tantrum expert, is told of a major planned operation to lay hold of a motherload (literally) of freshly-pumped breast milk. But will the Poopypants gang horn in on the action? And is the mysterious and adorable Daisy a distraction, a client, or something more sinister?

The premise of the book is creative and amusing, and the author’s way with language is bright and snappy. The babies manage to be convincing gangsters while retaining typical infant obsessions and behavior patterns (maybe the two aren’t that far apart after all…). The book is short enough and fast-moving enough to keep the shtick from getting old, so the reader is left with a laugh rather than a yawn. Plot twists keep the story interesting, and the ending leaves room for more stories, which this reviewer would welcome.

Readers who have issues with body fluids and other baby-related effusions may have difficulty with this book –  but then, they hopefully know better than to pick up a book written from the perspective of people whose lives center around maternal breasts and diapers, too. For the rest of us, this book promises a lively and entertaining piece of mind-candy. (We all need some mind-candy every now and then, after all.)

Reviewed by Catherine Langrehr for IndieReader


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