Presenting the Latest “Ebook Cover Design Awards”

Every month, Joel Friedlander, aka The Book Designer, invites authors to submit their books for his “Ebook Cover Design Award“. And every month, IndieReader is happy to share the news.

And the latest winners are…


Laura Rahme submitted “The Ming Storytellers” designed by Caryn Gillespie.

JF: Just love this cover and the evocative illustration, which, even though complex, maintains our focus and draws us into the story. And although I would like to “bump up” the author’s name a bit, the dimensionality added by having the woman’s figure arising from a dark sea adds even more drama. Fantastic job.




Sandra Novacek submitted “Border Crossings: Coming of Age in the Czech Resistance”, designed by Kimberly Glyder.

JF: This cover is a terrific example of how to put together historical images to make a cohesive whole. In the hands of a talented designer, all the elements have been carefully employed to tell a story without taking away from the impact of the design. A real winner.




Covers selected by guest judge DamonZa.  The comments are his.


Brian LeTendre submitted “Courting the King in Yellow”, designed by Brian LeTendre/ Jeff Rodgers.

DZ: Great cover! Interesting and it draws me in. The colour contrasts here are excellent.








Åsmund Seip submitted “100 Days of Love”, designed by Åsmund Seip.

DZ: Love it. Contemporary design with unusual and interesting title treatment. Great job.



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