The Demise of the Soccer Moms

by Cathryn Grant

Verdict: A chilling portrayal of the imperfect world of motherhood in suburbia.

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IR Rating
Amy’s life is forever changed when she witnesses her mother being raped. As a frightened child, she never admits to what she saw and believes her father when he convinces everyone that her mother deserved it.
Fast forward to adulthood—where Amy is now married a married woman and the mother of twins living in the suburbs; her closest friends a group of soccer moms. Their relationships are easy-going and superficial, until a neighborhood woman is murdered and Amy’s perfect life begins to fall apart.
Charlotte, a single mother with artistic aspirations, moves into town with her daughter. Charlotte is not like Amy and her flawless friends, and Amy is determined to do anything to regain the status quo. Testing the boundaries of loyalty and friendship, Amy coerces her best friend, Rachel, to help destroy Charlotte—and with a single act of vandalism, the women’s relationships start to unravel.
The Demise of the Soccer Moms is narrated in turn by Amy, Charlotte and Rachel. Each chapter reveals the women’s self-esteem issues, need for safety and security, and the distorted realities in which each lives.
Author Cathryn Grant explores a mother’s fears and the instinctual need to protect her children. Her unique narrative style provides a promising start to the story, and the suspense finally builds toward the end.
The Demise of the Soccer Moms is a chilling portrayal of the imperfect world of motherhood in suburbia.

Reviewed by Jovana Shirley for IndieReader

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