Presenting November’s “Ebook Cover Design Awards”

Every month, Joel Friedlander, aka The Book Designer, invites authors to submit their books for his “Ebook Cover Design Award“. And every month, IndieReader is happy to share the news.

And this month’s winners are…



Julie Gerstenblatt submitted “Lauren Takes Leave“, designed by Gary Tooth and Brett Gerstenblatt (designers) and Liz Starin (illustrator).

JF: Beautiful and perfectly appropriate for this comic novel. Outstanding typography and illustration deftly combined by a skilled designer. A great solution for using images to evoke elements from the book, this cover is one of the most successful I’ve seen at bridging the print/ebook worlds.


Miles Anthony Smith submitted “Why Leadership Sucks “, designed by Moxie Creative Studio.

JF: This strong cover uses color and composition to illustrate the book’s thesis. Confident and direct, it does a great job of matching the tone of the provocative title.


For more great covers, check out the designs this month by Damonza, Stephanie Mooney, Axel Torvenius, Wayne Kijanowski, and Jessie Bennett.


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