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Women on Top: Indie Rising Stars

As I look at the best-selling titles this weekend, I am seeing a trend that is quite inspiring. Ladies are leading the lists! In Hardcover Fiction Gillian Flynn rocks #1 with Gone Girl. She is directly followed by Debbie Macomber, Emily Griffin, Philippa Gregory and M.L. Stedman; who is debuting at #5 might I add. Flynn’s highly anticipated latest thriller has the media buzzing and praising the women of noir for their appearance in a primarily male genre.

Go (Gone) Girls!

In Hardcover Nonfiction, it’s Laura Hillenbrand in the lead with Unbroken. An amazing 92 weeks on the list—not too shabby. Although there are three out of the top five rather than a full house, included are Hope Solo (exploding onto the scene at #3) and Cheryl Strayed (18 weeks on the list with Wild)

Boom Bitches!

Here is what you’ve been itching to ask: What about E-Books? The top seven E-Fiction spots are claimed by women (yes it’s still all Fifty Shades in the top three, but that’s not it). James is followed closely by Flynn, Macomber, Sylvia Day and Emily Griffin. As for Nonfiction E-Books, Hillenbrand and Strayed are the leaders of the pack.

Sweet Sistas go on with your bad selves!

So what’s happening to make all these female authors rise as rapidly as the temperatures in August? Why now, in the midst of summer? Good question, because I want to know too.

I’ve been trying to see a movie all month and everything looks awful. Not a preview persuades nor a Netflix nags to be nabbed. I’ve also been thinking about seeing a play…not a damn stage suggested a show I’d like to see. One more thing—Barnes & Noble (and I say this with love) has changed dramatically. In fact this weekend was the first time I ventured in with vigor and left lazily without a bag.

I know—shocked the flip flops off me too.

It seems like this summer has less than the usual yield of blockbuster anything. BUT then I realize that’s because I’ve already downloaded all of the above and have gone through my E-library almost entirely. Except for the shows on stage of course—they don’t come pint sized for Nook just yet. Despite my dismay at all things slowing for summer, I do feel a great pride while perusing these lists. In addition to the estrogen explosion on the charts, there is also an indie invasion occurring. And for us, that’s the coolest part. Well, the even cooler part is that these rising indie stars include a hella big amount of females.

MMM…HMM Talk about it!

Starting with Darcie Chan’s groundbreaking Mill River Recluse, it was clear that you no longer need a big name to make the big list. All sorts of genres have ascended smoothly as indies infiltrate what used to be forbidden fields of glory. Interesting how books are making it to the top based on content and not connections…but that should always be the case you say? I rest my constant case on your mahogany desks and have no remorse as I prop my pumas on its big six blotter.

Just to take a brief look at what I’m talking about—let’s travel by genre for a moment. Searching for the ultimate heart wrenching memoir with a message? Why Me? by Sarah Burleton climbed right into the top ten. Looking for some indie best sellers in YA? No problem: see Tammara Webber’s Easy and Colleen Hoover’s Slammed. Thinking about NY Times best-selling erotica that originated indie—who isn’t it’s like sex is eating the book market!  Fifty Shades, Bared to You, and Beautiful Disaster climbed the charts faster than they were snatched up by the Big Six… and that was really fast. Guess what witchy women? Brittany Geragotelis’ Life’s a Witch went from indie to Simon & Schuster. Got summer romance on the brain? On the Island by Tracey Garvis Graves is still going and is also slated to become a movie…(just like 50, which everyone claims to be tired of yet will inevitably go see in theaters. Just sayin’)

Finally something I would like to see. Deserted island sex? Bring it!

Moving on, I recently read Wool by Hugh Howey—a kick ass post-apocalyptic sci-fi stunner that you simply must read if you haven’t yet. Guess what? Wool is yet another indie slated for the big screen by 20th Century Fox with…are you sitting down…Ridley Scott behind the camera. I rest my case because that’s about the most validation an author could get that their book is freakin’ awesome.

Can’t wait for that one to hit theaters either.

So just remember—even though there will always be critics who blather on about how indies are less than trad pubbed titles, and there will always be at least one naysayer to spoil a whole damn bunch of people that can sell your book…there are more of us than there are of them.

Damn skippy we are here to stay.

We get a lot of feedback from authors, readers…everyone really; and it seems that we all agree. Indies are the new best sellers and they are just that good.

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