The Beverly Hills Hotel: The First 100 Years

The Beverly Hills Hotel
The First 100 Years

by Robert S. Anderson

396 pages | 540 illustrations | hardcover

Fran Lebowitz once said, “Los Angeles is a large city-like area surrounding the Beverly Hills Hotel.”

Vanity Fair magazine noted that the Beverly Hills Hotel, “…opened its doors 100 years ago this month. Surrounded by bean fields, the Beverly Hills Hotel was six miles from the nearest railroad station—and light-years from reality. The setting, almost from the first, suggested a Keystone Kops comedy: glamorous, famous, and horny people all rushing in and out of the lobby, the coffee shop, and the fabled bungalows.

Designed by Elmer Grey in Mission Revival grandeur, the hotel, now salmon-hued, was originally white; come the 40s, the interiors were outfitted in outré pink and green by the African-American architect Paul R. Williams. Ownership down through the decades has passed among stars (Irene Dunne, Loretta Young), moguls (Harry Warner, Marvin Davis, Ivan Boesky—and his wife, Seema), and royalty (the Sultan of Brunei). And to this day no address on earth has welcomed more stellar guests more consistently. Howard Hughes was known to keep multiple suites: some just to watch the others. Out back in those naughty bungalows (where Liz Taylor whiled away six honeymoons), Gable and Lombard frolicked (Bungalow No. 4) and John and Yoko grooved (No. 11). Rex Harrison liked to tan in the buff outside Cabana No. 1. Kate Hepburn once dove into the pool in her tennis whites.”

“This fascinating book is written by the Hotel’s most knowledgeable historian, the great-grandson of Margaret Anderson, the Hotel’s founder and original owner. Robert S. Anderson shares with us his exclusive archives, fabulous photographs, and intriguing stories, gathered over decades of dedicated research.” – – Edward A. Mady, General Manager


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