If You Liked “Gone Girl”, You’ll LOVE…

Gillian Flynn is a personal favorite of mine. After reading Sharp Objects and Dark Places, I thought WOW, this woman knows how to write about the darkness within and make it readable and disturbing at the same time.

Waiting patiently for Gone Girl I knew it was going to be a stunner. Debuting on the New York Times Hardcover Bestseller list at #2, Flynn introduces a seemingly happy occasion: Nick and Amy Dunne’s fifth wedding anniversary… until Amy disappears. Is her husband Nick to blame? If not, who is? It would seem that everyone is a suspect and everyone lies. A web of twisted deception follows and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

If you like the deep, dark corners of the mind explored in Flynn’s psychological thriller, Gone Girl, take these dark rooted indies for a spin.

Dark Corners by Liz Schulte explores Ella Reynolds’ husband’s violent murder. As if her grief is not enough, Ella must face the darkness that follows her. Is this shadowy presence she senses around her even human? While attempting to handle the strange events that are taking place and simultaneously dealing with the loss of her husband, Ella realizes she is haunted by someone or something. She must investigate the killing of her husband and discover the cause of her terror. Can Ella reach the truth before she is taken too? Read on!


All the Dark Places by J.W. Bouchard gives us ten short stories that explore the dimmer side of ourselves. Using vampires, a virus and an army of pests as the sinister counterparts of said stories, we are thrown into a bizarre sublevel of human nature. “Lover’s Spat” paints a picture of marriage that puts a new spin on what we think we know of love. Another story entitled “Hatchlings” gives us the creeps as soon as we see the title. There’s something about dark elements that we don’t see that can really keep us up at night. These stories are guaranteed to send chills down your spine.

Quiet River by Natasha A. Salnikova proves that just when you think you’ve experienced the worst possible tragedy its quite likely something even worse will follow. During a visit to the seemingly charming to town of Quiet River, Lisa and Matt Collins encounter a woman who exclaims that their son, Evan, looks like her son. Then she gives Evan cookies. Shortly after, a hotel clerk also gives Evan some cookies that she says are from the hotel kitchen. All is forgotten, especially the cookies. Back home in Seattle, the Collins family attends a ballet and are involved in a violent robbery which causes Lisa to lose her second child before it’s even born. Now they must return to Quiet River, and face the awful truth that waits for them.

Twisted Truth by Joanne Clary explores the far reaches of the psyche as we meet a serial killer who is a victim of abuse and turns to the dark side to deal with his broken mind. Dr. Christie McMorrow dedicates her life to helping people overcome trauma. Stephen Scott is taught from his youth that women are evil, so he kills them. McMorrow is slated to be his next victim. Has Dr. McMorrow met her match or will she be able to avoid being the next woman to die? Will she be able to help this deranged man, or lose her life in the process? Keep reading!

If you enjoyed the thrilling pace of Flynn’s Gone Girl, you will probably find something good in this bunch. Enjoy and be sure to double lock your doors after reading!

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  1. Saaskia Aark-Bennett
    Saaskia Aark-Bennett says:

    What’s an Indie Book, Kerri?
    I’m about to publish DODGING JOE via Kindle eBooks, and NEW to electronic self-promotion (that is, of course BOOK promotion!) – I have now to launch myself, tremblingly, into Facebook and other media, I suppose .. any advice you can givee me will be gratefully digested…

    • Keri English
      Keri English says:

      Hi Saaskia,
      Congrats on your upcoming book! Indies are self pubbed books.
      Check out this site and read about the IRDA. There is a wealth of information site-wide on all things indie (including tips on getting your book out there to the world) Amazon is vital of course, as is social networking and by all means SHAMELESS SELF PRPMOTION any way you can!
      Best of luck!


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