How to Get Kids Interested in Reading

According to, it was Pete Campbell of San Francisco agency Pereira & O’Dell who was responsible.  Asked “How the hell are we going to get people to buy a book filled with nonsensical Snoop Dogg lyrics that only have value when coming out of his mouth?” he responded, “Simple. We make every page a rolling paper.”

And so they are.  Rolling Words: A Smokable Songbook is actually just a book full of Snoop’s new rolling papers, Kingsize Slims. Granted, the pages have the lyrics to Snoop’s classic songs like “Gin and Juice,” “Still a G Thang” and “What’s My Name” printed on them, but as the book’s cover is made from hemp with a match striking surface on the spine, chances are the title won’t be making it to your local library anytime soon.

“This thing can also be smoked with some of your finest, where you at or however you at,” Snoop explains in a promo video.

While it is unlikely that the book will make it to a Barnes & Noble near you, it will be available to  Coachella attendees at the festival later this month.

We’d like to see Simon & Schuster try that!

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