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Get it Before Simon & Schuster Does!

On March 21st, The New York Times ran  story entitled, “Lessons Learned: How to Live la Vie Parisienne”.  The story focused on two books, one of them a self-published title called “Lessons From Madame Chic: The Top 20 Things I Learned While Living in Paris” by Jennifer L. Scott.

It’s true that Times writer Liesl Schillinger says that, Lessons “could have used spell-check and a quick edit”, but she also notes that it’s, “…studded with lifestyle tips [and that] its vivacity and sincerity have struck a chord among women who would like a French role model of their own, but don’t have a year to spend apprenticing with one in Paris.”

Flash forward a week, and rumor has it that Madame Scott has sold her, “personable, anecdote-filled” indie to Simon & Schuster and will be pulling it off the shelves, both real and virtual, on Monday.  So, if you want to own the original, first-edition, pre-Simon & Schuster-ized,  “Lessons from Madame Chic,” we suggest you order your copy from the link below.

Bon weekend!

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