Somewhere Over the Rainbow, I’ve Lost My Damn Mind

1. Tell us a little bit about your book cover.  What does it convey about your book?

I knew when I started looking for a cover I wanted it to somehow incorporate my mania and my sense of humor seeing how those are the two main themes in my book. However the most important part for me was finding a cover that after looking at it for the first time would make the reader wonder what the hell was going on inside the book. I think I nailed it.

2. Was the cover inspired by something in particular?  A character in the book?  A certain tone?

In the book when I talk about being manic there are times in my life that feel mystical and a sense of fantasy overtakes my reality. Times involving hallucinations, delusions, and thoughts of grandeur that convince me I’m in another place like Oz. I of course also struggle with the stigmas and stereotypes all people with mental health conditions do in society and to fight these I try to use my humor. I think the cover is able to blend all of this madness that seems to be going on in my life and illustrates it quite nicely.

3. Did you create the book cover yourself?  Or did you use outside services?

I knew I certainly didn’t have the artistic skills to create the cover so I spent some time on deviantART looking around. One night I was looking for some art to put on my Facebook page (don’t worry I credited the artist) and was actually about to call it quits on the site. I had found a number of pieces of art that I liked for the page but wasn’t having any luck finding something for my cover and was about to give up. On the last page I looked at I found the image now on the cover by Amy Steinberg of AmyOhMy Designs and knew it was perfect. I reached out to Amy and she was cool enough to work with me and here we are.

4. Is there another book cover that particularly inspires you? (NOTE: it can be any book…doesn’t have to be an indie)

I wanted to have an intelligent and well thought out answer for this question but then the first time my brother saw the cover I recalled he thought it resembled a Shel Silverstein cover and I think he was absolutely right. I actually went back to those childhood books and looked at the covers and was able to remember just how great I think they are. The simplicity yet ability to tell a story on each of those covers grabs the reader and won’t let go. This is something that I hope  “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” is capable of. So yes I did just say a childhood book inspires me, and you know what I don’t feel as embarrassed about it as I thought I would.

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