Turning Point

1. Tell us a little bit about your book cover.  What does it convey about your book?

Since Turning Point is a YA suspense/thriller, I wanted the cover to convey danger and tension. You have to be pretty gutsy and fearless to run into the path of such a monstrous storm, and yet Jenna (the main character) does exactly that, even if the storm is largely metaphorical.

2. Was the cover inspired by something in particular?  A character in the book?  A certain tone?

Aside from there being an actual tornado scene within the pages of Turning Point, Jenna running toward the twister symbolizes the conscious decision and willingness to put herself in danger in order to help another in need, no matter the cost to her own personal safety.

3. Did you create the book cover yourself?  Or did you use outside services?

One day I was experimenting with Create Space’s cover designer, fantasizing about the moment I’d have an actual book in my hand, when I came across that particular stock image. I nearly fell out of my chair, because I knew I would never find a better image for my cover than that one. I had stumbled upon it purely by accident, and I didn’t have to spend a dime for the rights to use it! However, I realize I probably won’t be so lucky for my next book, and I plan on hiring a professional cover designer to create a cover that’s uniquely mine.

4. Is there another book cover that particularly inspires you? (NOTE: it can be any book…doesn’t have to be an indie)

Speaking of great covers, there are so many that come to mind. But one I sometimes pull off my bookshelf just to stare at is Becca Fitzpatrick’s Hush, Hush. I love the muted colors and the long, lean lines of the model’s body. There’s strength in his form, but also vulnerability. Truly beautiful.

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    Laura Rizio says:

    Let me know how I can have my e book( Kindle and Pub it,) BLOOD MONEY reviewed and promoted on your site. I have a wonderful review from Kirkus. I would like to promote and feature the book as soon as possible.
    Laura Rizio

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    Elle Carroll says:

    Doesn’t that woman have an awful big bottom compared to the rest of her? Is there some kind of sexism here? Or a nod to male appreciation of T&A – in this case A?


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