dead is the new

Dead is the New Black

1. Tell us a little bit about your book cover.  What does it convey about your book?

I wanted to convey fashion, fame and New York, but not in the way you’re used to seeing it. So though the pump is sexy, you only see half of it. And though the billboard is huge, it’s old, and though New York is the most fabulous place on Earth (and I dare you to change my mind) it’s very, very dirty. So I added some grunge to the edges.

2. Was the cover inspired by something in particular?  A character in the book?  A certain tone?

I wanted the cover to convey BIG. In other words, it’s cozy mystery, but the world in which it takes place contains the highest and the lowest. So a terrific bilboard that eats up the sky seemed appropriate.

3. Did you create the book cover yourself?  Or did you use outside services?

I did it myself, but I am a book cover artist. You can check out my work at and a portfolio at

This has been the greatest part of being an indie. There’s a whole developing freelance economy of editors, cover artists and formatters that’s been a source of both income and barter for writers. I can’t tell you how happy I am to do other people’s covers.

4. Is there another book cover that particularly inspires you? (NOTE: it can be any book…doesn’t have to be an indie)

I’d say that there are other cover artists who inspire me. Renee Barratt from The Cover Counts is one. I also like David Gaughrans covers – especially Transfection and Shea MacLeod’s covers for her Dragon Wars series.

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