While I Was Learning to Become God

by Roxana Jones

Verdict: The blending of the two voices makes for a powerful, moving and suspenseful novel.

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IR Rating

In her heart-wrenching novelized memoir, “While I Was Waiting To Become God”, Roxana Jones writes about her dying friend, Sybil Vaughan.

Vaughan entrusts Roxana with the task of writing her life’s story and Roxana, with the greatest delicacy, adds her own perspective on Sybil’s life.  The blending of the two voices makes for a powerful, moving and suspenseful novel.

Sybil Vaughan was born and raised on a small island in the Caribbean.  She is a delicate, creative and almost spirit-like child who struggles with the conflict of nurturing her own independent spirit with her powerful mother, various mentors and a society that wants to control her every thought and action.

Vaughn’s adult life is equally torn between two divisive forces.  She balances her roles as a mother and the wife of a close-minded—and often abusive Columbian autocrat—with a career as a political activist. Vaughn’s only comfort comes from a study of spirituality and the metaphysical guides that she believes will lead her through conflict to eventual peace.

In her quest for a balance that suits her spirit, Vaughn discovers that her life is not about the material things she has acquired, but about the peace she feels when in touch with her true self.   “While I was Learning to Become God” is ultimately about one woman’s courageous journey of self discovery, and another’s equally courageous undertaking to record that journey.

Reviewed by Peggy La Vake

Holds degrees in English and Music.  Has commercial pilots license. A practitioner of Tai Chi. Teaches violin and viola. Performs classical music. Finds great satisfaction in writing. Has been published numerous times. Works daily on what she hopes to be her first novel.

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