The List Where Indie’s Count – NEW RULES

From the beginning, IR’s “List” has included best selling books that were originally traditionally published. So why consider them indie? Because in most cases, the books were out of print and the rights reverted back to the author–who, in their great wisdom–decided to re-pub the books themselves.  Sounds fair and square.

But we wrestled with our decision.  Somehow it seemed like the traditionally pubbed books had an unfair advantage–like the prom queen getting a boob job or a Tour de France winner taking steroids.  But when prolific (and orginally trad pubbed) author Barbara Freethy pointed out that self-pubbing her books was a “ton of work”, involving rewriting, formatting and proofreading, cover design and marketing and promotion, we relented.  Because, dammit, self publishing is a LOT of work.

But here’s the thing.  Indie authors whose book haven’t been trad pubbed do all the work, too.  And they do it without the steroids and the boob implants and the prior support and stamp of approval from a traditional publisher.

So, from now on, this list will only include the best selling books that are–from start to finish–genuine indie.

1. THE SHACK by William P. Young. Inspirational. (Paperback).

Last Week: #3

2. DARKNESS ON THE EDGE OF TOWN by J. Carson Black. Mystery/Thriller. (Ebook).

Last Week: #7

3. HYBRID byBrian O’Grady. Thriller. (Ebook).

Last Week: #4

4. FAKING IT by Elisa Lorello. Chick Lit. (Ebook)

New to List

5. A TALE OF TWO LIVES: THE SUSAN LEFEVRE FUGITIVE STORY by Marie S. Walsh. Memoir. (Paperback).

Last Week: #9

6. LOOKING FOR TROUBLE by Erin Kern.Chick-Lit. (Ebook).

Last Time on List: #9

7. UNLOCKED by Courtney Milan. Historical Romance. (Ebook).

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8. NO GOOD DEED (BOOK ONE) by M.P. McDonald. Political Thriller. (Ebook)

Last Week: #9

9. HER PERFECT REVENGE by Anna Mara. Romantic Comedy. (Ebook).

Last Week: #10

10. FIFTH AVENUE by Christopher Smith. Suspense. (Ebook).

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This is IndieReader’s 7th indie best seller list, updated weekly and including the top selling indie titles—in all formats—as determined by sources including Amazon, The New York Times, B& and USA Today.

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