dear marcus

The New York Review of Books Does Indie – UPDATE

Author Jerry McGill noted on his Facebook page on Friday that, “…Friday the 13th has proven to be nothing but good luck for this writer. It’s official – Dear Marcus will be reprinted by Random House.”  Congrats!

In the May 11th issue of The New York Review of Books, novelist Lorrie Moore offers up her thoughts about three memoirs.  One of them, entitled “Dear Marcus”, about a man who was shot in the back on New Year’s Day and has spent the rest of his life in a wheelchair, was self-published.

Author Jerry McGill is accomplished by any measure.  A graduate of  Fordham University, McGill writes screenplays, makes films and is a teacher and advocate for the rights of the disabled. Moore gives the book (available via the link below) a very nice review, noting McGill’s “book is short, sweet, homespun, and inspiring in the very way that he is skeptical of.” Perhaps in a way that only an indie book can be.

We’ll be adding it to our pile of books to be reviewed here at IndieReader, too.

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