Spring House

by David Bowles

Verdict: Historically accurate, Spring House brings the mores and manners of early American history alive while telling the story of Scots-Irish families, struggling to find happiness on the new frontier.

IR Rating



IR Rating

Spring House is the first book of The Westward Sagas series, which tell the stories of the lives of Scots-Irish families struggling to find happiness on the new frontier.

The story begins in North Carolina in 1762 and paints a vivid picture of colonial life in the backwoods of the North State.  The family patriarch, Adam Mitchell, fights to protect his family and save his farm, but his home is ultimately destroyed by British troops in the Battle of Guilford Courthouse, and his corn fields were turned into fields of death.

Historically accurate, Spring House brings the mores and manners of early American history alive.  And the fact that this story is based on an actual family makes it all more compelling.

Reviewed by Cindy Erdesohn

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