by Michael J. Vaughn

Verdict: A witty tale--incredibly perceptive--that takes place at a local Karaoke bar.

IR Rating



IR Rating

Michael Vaughn’s philosophy with Outro seems to be that it is the characters that define a story, as opposed to the inverse. That philosophy couldn’t be more apparent than in this witty tale, comprised of a cavalcade of compelling and lovable characters, particularly its protagonist Channy Lebeque.

Vaughn’s depictions of his character’s psyche’s are incredibly perceptive, almost to the point where one’s worst nightmare would be a date with the author at a local Karaoke bar, the back-drop for the novel. The way he pokes gentle fun at those whose egos seem to outshine their talent is quite charming, adding to the astounding levels of personality that already exist within this book.

Reviewed by Sam Dillard

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