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Ich Bin Ein Self-Publisher!

I queried about five publishers, and was fortunate to receive a contract from a fairly prestigious publisher in the psychology self-help field. However, the advance was small, they estimated two years to publication, and wanted major rewrites. They kept sending me similar books they’d published, wanting mine to be a “copycat.” I preferred my own vision, and did not want to be a cookie cutter with a myriad of disturbing fonts and colors and insets.

I researched several self-publishers, and found BookSurge, a division of Amazon, to be the most cost-effective, simple, and classy entity of this kind. They offered me total artistic control, 100% design freedom (no advertisements of their own), and excellent customer service.

I do have the advantage of having been a stand-up comic, so am quite comfortable building my own platform, doing sales, marketing, and advertising. I felt I could do this as well as any medium-sized publisher, especially in today’s economic climate. Further, with social networks and professional sites, a trained monkey can create a following.

Another great advantage is that I make 35% on each book sale through Amazon…much more than through a standard publishing house. And yet another advantage is that BookSurge offers a non-exclusive contract…I own the book rights, and can publish internationally (digitally as well as print) through other publishing entities. I cannot imagine a better deal. It was clearly the way to go for me. Will I do it again? Absolutely…unless YOU-TURN is a bestseller and I accrue a major publisher for my next!

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