Aug 30, 2016
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IR Book Review  |  


By Peter Quinones

Rating:  star star star star star 

Reading POSTMODERN DECONSTRUCTION MADHOUSE is no ordinary romp through a short story collection: the sections that make up the collection range from stand-alone scenes, lists, and literary criticism, keeping readers on their toes.



By Derick M M Lewis

Rating:  star star star star star 

A modern vampire must take on a criminal organization in order to protect, and then avenge, his girlfriend. The protagonist of this story is a vampire, but the old vampire tales are wrong.

IR Book Review  |  

The Cursed And The Damned

By Michelle Scheunemann

Rating:  star star star star star 

The ancient dragon king Adapu laid a curse on the mortals who killed him. A drop of his blood became a gem that will turn anyone who wears it into a dragon. There is a way to break the curse, but the cursebreaker then becomes a dragon in the cursed’s place.

forever you
Top 10  |  

Forever You

By Sandi Lynn

Rating:  star star star star star 

The concept behind this love story is a pretty standard romance novel trope; “man gives up on love due to trauma until beautiful, irresistible woman convinces him to give it another chance,” and this is not, frankly, the best version of that storyline I’ve ever read.

my side
Top 10  |  

My Side

By Tara Brown

Rating:  star star star star star 

Erin Benson felt like she’d won the lottery when she arrived all the way from North Dakota with the keys to her first home in hand.

the ones
IR Book Review  |  

The Ones

By Jackie Mae

Rating:  star star star star star 

Claire is an innocent young woman who leads a blameless life, beloved by her many friends and her pet dog Sammy – so why is she being pursued by nameless, faceless enemies who radiate pure evil?

IR Book Review  |  

Shu’Alu: Dragons Will Weep

By L. B. Conahan

Rating:  star star star star star 

Princess Saraceirra, the part-human heiress of the kingdom of Shakuvia, is orphaned when the evil cat-woman sends her armies of dark elves to attack Sara’s mother’s palace.

IR Book Review  |  


By C. W. Schultz

Rating:  star star star star star 

Jill is actually Rachel Rhodes, a loving mother and wife going through an unhappy separation from her husband – but with a secret life on the side as a bitter, anti-male serial killer nicknamed “Jill the Ripper” by the police.

my trickster
IR Book Review  |  

My Trickster

By Serafima Bogomolova

Rating:  star star star star star 

My Trickster is a dark and secretive novel focused around the enigmatic figure of La, a sexy brunette pursued from multiple directions as she moves to further her own secret schemes.

IR Book Review  |  

Desert Angels

By Patrick Simpson

Rating:  star star star star star 

Author Patrick Simpson clearly knows a lot about his topic. His book outlines the fate of Native Americans in the inland northwest—present-day eastern Oregon and Washington, and western Idaho.

IR Review  |  

Ingrid Darling

By Nicole J. Burgess

Rating:  star star star star star 

Ingrid Darling is about a young woman named Ingrid Darling who is reflecting on her life, the good and bad choices she has made and how they have shaped her to become the person she is now.

IR Library  |  


By Richard Turner

Rating:  star star star star star 

The main theme of Re-Deal is time travel, but the story is all over the place, dealing with gambling, action, cowboys, good vs. evil, and a whole slew of literary themes that are often haphazardly introduced and put together.