Dec 08, 2016
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Tasty Bits

Tasty Bits: A Delectable Selection of Short Observations by Various Indie Authors

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Larry first noticed the traffic cones driving to work as a reference librarian. A side street he used was blocked off. No workers in sight. Typical.

Horror movie scene with a girl dressed in white in a desolated house; Shutterstock ID 149780201; PO: 1259; Job: ghosts
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The Fear of Ghosts

I remember my first time like it was yesterday. Not the name or the face, just the feeling as I was going through the motions.

hyundai 1
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The X Factor

Wherever I place this in the wallet, it digs right into my buttock. If I swivel around, people think I have a digestive problem, possibly loose bowels.

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August descends, a trembling thunderstorm, a vague sense of passage, clinging to shorter days, sharper frenzy, a summing up of another vanishing season, reaching, grasping each smell, taste, sudden contact.

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Shopping Cart

The more Paul examined the child the more he liked what he saw. This kid even had better posture than Andy.

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Viking Retirement Home

My brother-in-law Rich had this great idea to open a retirement home for aged Vikings right here by the waterfront.

my fave hangout
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My Favorite Hangout

The vampires and werewolves, as you might expect, come in after dusk. Lots of inappropriate drooling there.

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The House Painters

The house painters surrounded the Catlin’s home while they were on vacation.

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Power Failure

I was headed to the Swedish Mid-Summer Festival in Wagner Park on the lower West Side when the Path train lost power.

new shirt2
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New Shirt

I am neither an anarchist nor a nihilist. I am simply a man who forgets to don a bib before attacking his latest project.

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I’ve lost control of my garbanzo beans.