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Mohanalakshmi Rajakumar: Banned Book Author

Mohana’s latest book was recently denied permission to distribute locally by the publications department of the Ministry of Arts and Culture in Qatar.

MS 2
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Australian Splendor: An Interview with James Andre of Milk Shadow

“My work has always been strange. I thought big publishers might not want it, but possibly some smaller indie labels might.”

kate sample
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The Voice Over the Printed Word

Kate Sample Talks Audio Books, the growth of the industry, how she got into voice over work and what’s next.

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A “Scandalous” Interview with H.M. Ward

When I started, I never expected to sell 4 million books – ever. It’s amazing!

the atlantis plague
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Riddle Me This

Riddle spent ten years starting and running internet companies before retiring to focus on his true passion: writing fiction.

don't let me go
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“Pay it Forward” Author Catherine Ryan Hyde

I am indie, because, by being a thoroughly hybrid author, I’m not even anchored to indie.

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Orna Ross: Renaissance Woman

She pens novels and poems and the Go Creative! series, writes regularly on her Author Blog and is the founder of the The Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi), a nonprofit, professional association for self-publishing writers.

ketchup is
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Ketchup Is A Vegetable

An Interview with New York Times’ bestselling author, syndicated humor columnist, and blogger Robin O’Bryant

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Pelluceo: Independent Couture

“We create beautiful, affordable coffee table books that cover culture with a quirk.”

the perks
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The Perks of Being Audible

…we find they become addicted to the experience, which can recall the profoundly intimate and pleasurable experience of being read to as a child.

nothing to say
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Dan Holloway, Curator Eight Cuts Gallery Press

I think indie has become a minefield. To those “in the scene” it seems to mean as many things as there are people, and to those “outside” it’s just “arty people getting precious about terms that don’t matter.”

wait for me
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Elisabeth Naughton: Romancing the Pages

My New York Times bestselling novel, WAIT FOR ME, was rejected by several agents (I never shopped it to a traditional publisher) because, as they put it, it straddled genres and was too “category”. I was told no one would want to read about a woman with amnesia. Readers have disagreed.