Nov 26, 2015
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All About the Book  |  

Cynthia H. Wise on her Book “Portrait of Rage”

No one event or person inspired Portrait of Rage. All you have to do is watch the news.

stop the diet
All About the Book  |  

Lisa Tillinger Johansen on “Stop The Diet, I Want To Get Off!”

A dietitian examines the pros and cons of dozens of the most popular diets and ultimately gives the reader a healthy eating plan for life.

The Book That Changed My Life  |  

Guy Kawasaki

Author of APE (and nine other books), chief evangelist of Canva, an online graphic design tool and former chief evangelist of Apple.

the boy and
All About the Book  |  

Russell Newell Talks about “The Boy and the Bastard”

The Boy and the Bastard is a thriller, an epic love story, and a coming of age, all in one book.

melissa photo
IR Interview  |  

Melissa Foster Talks Family, Inspiration and Taking a Dare

NY Times & USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance, new adult, contemporary women’s fiction, suspense, and historical fiction

wished away
All About the Book  |  

S.P. Cervantes on “Wished Away”

“Wished Away” is about a spunky woman named Jess who has it all.

IR Interview  |  

Alex Sheremet on his book “Woody Allen: Reel to Real”

No matter what you do, there will be critics. – Woody Allen.

Lost Ground
All About the Book  |  

Ulla Jordan Talks about “Lost Ground”

The eyes of the world are on Finland in November 1939, as its Winter War with Russia turns into a classic David and Goliath struggle.

the four horseman
All About the Book  |  

Bob Klosterman on “The Four Horseman of the Investor’s Apocalypse”

There are four forces that work against investors in their pursuit of long-term financial security: inflation, volatility, group think and global disruptions and dislocations.

sin &
IR Interview  |  

Hybrid Author Pepper Winters on Inspiration and What Gives Her Books Spice

I love writing angst, give and take, the pull of the hunt and chase.

south of
IR Interview  |  

Audrey Taylor Gonzalez Talk About “South of Everything”

Set in 1940s Tennessee, “South of Everything” is a magical coming-of-age story about the daughter of a plantation-owning family, who, despite her privileged background, finds more in common with “the help”.

tales of the
IR Interview  |  

Robert Dinsmoor Talks about “Tales of the Troupe”

This IR Approved memoir follows the trials and tribulations of a comedy troupe in the mean streets of Manhattan in the 1980s, as told by one of the writers.

All About the Book  |  

Don Desroches on his book “Conscious Coupling”

Two Divorce Mediators use information gathered while counseling couples to help them be proactive in their relationships before they get on the path to divorce.

no apologies
All About the Book  |  

“No Apologies” Author J.A. Carter-Winward

It’s the type of work demanded by the technical age: the pieces are immediately accessible, they tell a story and they are something you can go in and out of and read out of context.

IR Interview  |  

Author Alon Seifert Talks about Kickstarting Spider’s Heart

From working on the George Clooney campaign for Nespresso to writing the story of Little Pablo, the vegetarian spider.

All About the Book  |  

Page McBrier Talks About “Abracadabra Tut”

A fun, fast-paced read, full of action and adventure that offers surprises at every twist along the journey.

saving mona
All About the Book  |  

Gerri Chanel on “Saving Mona Lisa: The Battle to Protect the Louvre and its Treasures During World War II”

Saving Mona Lisa is a fascinating read for anyone interested in history, art, France, Paris, the Louvre or simply a gripping, inspirational story.

All About the Book  |  

Jonathan Maas on His Award-Winning Sci-Fi Book “Spanners: The Fountain of Youth”

The idea that differing lifespans could give beings strange powers came about when I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Namibia, Africa.

IR Interview  |  

Former Trad Publisher Betty Sargent Talks BookWorks + Her Interest in Indie

Former EIC of William Morrow, Exec Editor of Harper Collins + Delacorte Press, Fiction + Books Editor of Cosmo on Joining the Indie Team

All About the Book  |  

Jeremy Gray on His Award Winning Title “Grooveworld”

I wanted to take everything I loved from the rave scene and make a world out of it to call my own.

All About the Book  |  

Ramona Zabriskie on “Wife for Life: The Power to Succeed in Marriage”

One woman’s inspirational guide to a grand, lifelong marriage.

All About the Book  |  

Christopher Madsen on his IRDA Winning Book Rowdy

The dynamic main character, Holland Sackett Duell, sporting the good looks of George Clooney, was as suave and dashing in real life as any fictional Hollywood character that has graced the big screen.

99 percent
IR Interview  |  

Doug Richardson Talks Bad Boys, Die Hard + His Indie Books

His movie credits include Die Hard: Die Harder, Bad Boys, and Hostage. As a novelist, he’s penned five suspense thrillers, his most recent are The Safety Expert, Blood Money, and the recently published 99 Percent Kill.

All About the Book  |  

Lou Kilzer on his Book “Fatal Redemption”

All about the 2015 IRDA winner in the mystery category.