Feb 08, 2016
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the artful
All About the Book  |  

Barbara de la Cuesta on her book “The Artful Lodger”

I love women’s stories. Their lives can become so absurd, their heroism so unlike a man’s…

ripped paper background
All About the Book  |  

J.A. Carter-Winward on “Grind”

You won’t find any velvet blindfolds, latex and leather or furry handcuffs in this book. What you will find is a stark examination of relationships, control, money, power and sex, all culminating into a shocking climax that changes each of their lives.

All About the Book  |  

Dean Ammerman on his “Escape from Dorkville”

There are lots of deep and serious books in the world. This is not one of them.

magic bat
All About the Book  |  

Kevin Christofora on Why He Wrote a Kids Book About Baseball

Most parents today know very little about baseball. So, unlike previous generations, they don’t have a lot to pass on to their children, and most kids today know more about Angry Birds than they do about America’s National Pastime.

All About the Book  |  

Peggy Lampman on her Inspiration for “Simmer and Smoke”

Two women from dramatically different backgrounds find their lives and ambitions intersecting as they try to find success in the culinary world.

burn zones
All About the Book  |  

Jorge Newbery Shares his Business Success and Failures in “Burn Zones”

Potential investors run background checks and discovered what looks like my horrific past. I used to write long explanation letters. Nowadays, I just hand them a copy of my book.

IR Interview  |  

Minx Malone on Her “Accidental” Entry into Indie Publishing + How “Big Publishing” Gets it Wrong Selling Multicultural Romances

The New York Times bestselling author talks about how diversity effects her writing and growing up with sweet tea, gravy and gossip.

New Year's Resolutions
New Year's Resolutions  |  

8 Best Selling Indie Authors Share Their New Year’s Resolutions

IndieReader reached out to eight New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors and asked them to share their New Year’s resolutions for 2016.

the mask
All About the Book  |  

Ken Ulano Talks About “The Mask Maker”

Albert Johnson is a prodigy raised in abuse and isolation, living at his childhood home in rural Maryland.

IR Interview  |  

Indie Author JA Huss on Marketing, Science and Why She No Longer Writes Cliff Hangers

The New York Times + USA Today bestseller of more than twenty books shares the story of her unlikely beginnings.

All About the Book  |  

Peggy Lampman on “Simmer and Smoke: A Southern Tale of Grit and Spice”

Two women from dramatically different backgrounds find their lives and ambitions intersecting as they try to find success in the culinary world.

come dancing
All About the Book  |  

Leslie Wells on “Come Dancing”

“Come Dancing” is for anyone who’s ever wondered what it’s like to go out with the lead singer of your favorite band.

intensive therapy
All About the Book  |  

Jeffrey Deitz on Intensive Therapy: A Novel

As a practicing psychiatrist and psychoanalyst I want to take readers inside good therapy and show them how therapy saves and changes people.

the death of lila
IR Interview  |  

Teresa Mummert: I have been very fortunate to get to experience traditional publishing as well as the freedom of being an indie

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the “White Trash Trilogy”, “The Note”, “Perfect Lie”, Pretty Little Things and more.

All About the Book  |  

Cynthia H. Wise on her Book “Portrait of Rage”

No one event or person inspired Portrait of Rage. All you have to do is watch the news.

stop the diet
All About the Book  |  

Lisa Tillinger Johansen on “Stop The Diet, I Want To Get Off!”

A dietitian examines the pros and cons of dozens of the most popular diets and ultimately gives the reader a healthy eating plan for life.

The Book That Changed My Life  |  

Guy Kawasaki

Author of APE (and nine other books), chief evangelist of Canva, an online graphic design tool and former chief evangelist of Apple.

the boy and
All About the Book  |  

Russell Newell Talks about “The Boy and the Bastard”

The Boy and the Bastard is a thriller, an epic love story, and a coming of age, all in one book.

melissa photo
IR Interview  |  

Melissa Foster Talks Family, Inspiration and Taking a Dare

NY Times & USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance, new adult, contemporary women’s fiction, suspense, and historical fiction

wished away
All About the Book  |  

S.P. Cervantes on “Wished Away”

“Wished Away” is about a spunky woman named Jess who has it all.

IR Interview  |  

Alex Sheremet on his book “Woody Allen: Reel to Real”

No matter what you do, there will be critics. – Woody Allen.

Lost Ground
All About the Book  |  

Ulla Jordan Talks about “Lost Ground”

The eyes of the world are on Finland in November 1939, as its Winter War with Russia turns into a classic David and Goliath struggle.

the four horseman
All About the Book  |  

Bob Klosterman on “The Four Horseman of the Investor’s Apocalypse”

There are four forces that work against investors in their pursuit of long-term financial security: inflation, volatility, group think and global disruptions and dislocations.

sin &
IR Interview  |  

Hybrid Author Pepper Winters on Inspiration and What Gives Her Books Spice

I love writing angst, give and take, the pull of the hunt and chase.