Mar 28, 2015
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Book Reviews

One star = Really bad; there’s a reason this book is self-pubbed.

Two stars = Mediocre, but one or two bright spots.

Three stars = Good; worth reading.

Four stars = Very good.

Five stars = Excellent; must-read.

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IR Book Review  |  

2349: Part One – The Global Union

By Kyle A. Miller

Rating:  star star star star star 

The far future finds Earth at peace and Mars successfully colonized. A seemingly benign businessman and inventor helped usher in an era of peace and tranquility through omnipresent technology.

IR Book Review  |  

Orphan in America

By Nanette L. Avery

Rating:  star star star star star 

ORPHAN IN AMERICA tells the story of a lonely boy named Alex Forester who is uprooted from his home and sent to live on a farm to work.

IR Book Review  |  

The Kingdom of Assassins

By Eric Mackenzie

Rating:  star star star star star 

THE KINGDOM OF ASSASSINS is a global political thriller taking place ten years in the future. The action begins with an attempted assassination in the deserts of Saudi Arabia that reveals threads of conflict in Iran and the United States as well

IR Book Review  |  

Your Smallest Bones

By Sean Taylor

Rating:  star star star star star 

Characters contend with loneliness and longing in these twelve short stories. A depressed man engages a child in a discussion of Heaven and Hell in San Francisco’s Japanese Tea Garden. A man who can’t control his mastication finds and loses a woman in a backless dress. The quirky denizens of an apartment building live separate […]

IR Book Review  |  

The Confessions of Becky Sharp

By David James

Rating:  star star star star star 

In THE CONFESSIONS OF BECKY SHARP, the protagonist of Thackeray’s “Vanity Fair” recounts her life story. The ageing picara has fallen on hard times and is selling her biography to a rather disreputable publisher in order to counter the “lies” of that supreme toady, William Makepeace Thackeray. With this device, Becky’s character relives her many […]

IR Book Review  |  

Luz, Rebound

By Jeania Kimbrough

Rating:  star star star star star 

After a year spent studying abroad in Australia, American teenager Kara Jagger returns home to complete her senior year of high school. She struggles to reconnect with friends and her ex-boyfriend as well as to understand her relationship with a young man she dated while abroad.

IR Book Review  |  


By Ted Galdi

Rating:  star star star star star 

Teenaged genius Sean Malone just wants to be normal. In the aftermath of an impressive run on Jeopardy at only 11 years old, Sean is free to explore the world but remains unhappy. He solves an impossible problem, forcing him to flee the country under an assumed name. In Rome, he falls in love but […]

IR Book Review  |  

Conscious Coupling

By Don Desroches and Dana Greco

Rating:  star star star star star 

A comprehensive, analytical approach to the reasons one should or shouldn’t decide to get married.

IR Book Review  |  

Earth’s Imagined Corners

By Tamara Linse

Rating:  star star star star star 

Sara Moore is confronted with a marriage arrangement to her father’s cold-hearted business partner. James Youngblood tries to carve out a respectable life, plying his skills as a horse handler, following a stay in the local penitentiary. When the two characters meet, their mutually poor circumstances and rising attraction lead them to strike out on their own in Kansas City.

IR Book Review  |  

Second Helpings At The Serve You Right Cafe

By Tilia Klebenov Jacobs

Rating:  star star star star star 

In SECOND HELPINGS AT THE SERVE YOU RIGHT CAFE, two people are brought together by their love of morning coffee and sugary pastries but just as they start getting to know each other, their dark pasts and unexpected secrets threaten to unravel their burgeoning relationship.

IR Book Review  |  

Siren’s Rune

By Cory Baxter

Rating:  star star star star star 

SIREN’S RUNE is an imaginative work about a woman on a mission to cross the ocean alone but unexpectedly falls in love with a time-traveling mermaid.

IR Book Review  |  

Thriving with Chronic Pain

By Sean Meshorer

Rating:  star star star star star 

The author offers advice and suggestions for not only managing chronic pain, but also leading a thriving life with it.