Jul 01, 2015
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The Wizard of Oz (1939)
Directed by Victor Fleming
Shown: Judy Garland (as Dorothy Gale) on the Yellow Brick Road, wearing the ruby slippers
The Indie Author Primer  |  

What You Need to Do to Finish Writing Your Book

“Handing over” your manuscript doesn’t describe just a transfer of paperwork, it describes a change of mental state on the author’s part.

indie voice
Indie Voice  |  

Is There An Author Who Can Do for Writers What Taylor Swift Did for Musicians?

50 Shades Fan Fic Keeps Pace with the Books, New “Book Launch Toolkit” from Joel Friedlander, The Indie Publishing “Tipping Point” + more in this week’s round-up

the wanton big
All About the Book  |  

Tristan Wood on “The Wanton Life of My Friend Dave”

The book sums up to this question: what if instead of the half of your heart you were looking for you found the piece of your soul you didn’t know you were missing?

Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games
Alike But Indie  |  

6 Young Adults Titles Even Parents Will Enjoy

A 2012 survey showed that 55% of YA readers are adults making the intended audience for beloved titles including The Fault in Our Stars and The Hunger Games series actually your teenagers!

All About the Book  |  

D. Hart St. Martin on “Blooded: Lisen of Solsta”

The Lisen of Solsta trilogy posits the potential of a hero whose gender plays no role in her temperament or abilities.

IR Interview  |  

The Multi-Talented Jayme K. Talks to IR About Everything

Jayme K on writing (his novel, Disorderly), directing (Practice Makes Perfect), hosting (Shootin’ It) and re-claiming his last name.

indie voice
Indie Voice  |  

New Royalty Terms for Kindle Unlimited

Selling Pre-Orders on Smashwords Just Got a Lot Easier, USA Today’s Happily Ever After Blog and IndieReader, Are POS programs Right for You + more in this week’s roundup

All About the Book  |  

Julie Frayn on Her Book “Mazie Baby”

Mazie Reynolds must use her wit and moxie to out-manipulate the monster she calls husband, to save herself and her daughter.

Seasonal Selections  |  

5 Indie Titles to Fuel Your Wanderlust

Vacation season is just around the corner! Do you have a trip planned out already for the summer? If not, these books might have you Googling for travel agents and destinations before you can put them back on the shelf.

All About the Book  |  

Maren Higbee on “Lana Fray and the Grand Plan”

Lana is not only my main character but also a reflection of my twenty-something self. She is a determined, introspective but impulsive young woman with one huge fatal flaw, blind ambition.

Tips  |  

Get Discovered – By the Right Readers

In order to realize meaningful sales levels, authors need to actively target their audience utilizing any and all tools available.

indie voice
Indie Voice  |  

Amazon Or Your Local Bookstore? Ask This New App

European VAT Changes a “Nightmare for Indies”, Is Inkshares Ideas “Tinder” for Indie Authors? + more in this week’s roundup.