Feb 14, 2016
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with a voice
All About the Book  |  

J.R. Hamantaschen “With A Voice that is Often Still Confused But is Becoming Ever Louder and Clearer”

There are a couple of ideas that I return to again and again. Whether life is worth living, and how that could be ascertained without knowing what it feels like to die.

News  |  

PlacingLit’s Top 10 Literary Places in Western Literature

Looking kind of grey outside your office window? Longing for a February getaway that marries your love of books with your yearning to travel?

All About the Book  |  

Panayotis Cacoyannis on “Bowl of Fruit (1907)”

I’m sure that like all books, good and bad, Bowl of Fruit (1907) will mean different things to different people. For me it’s a tale about identity, authenticity and the unpredictability of life.

Tips  |  

How to Overcome Your Procrastination and Finish Writing Your Book – Part Two

6 More Tips to Help Get Your Manuscript Finished and OTD (Out the Door)

the pioneer
Alike But Indie  |  

If You Liked “The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Dinnertime”, You’ll LOVE…

Choosing an indie (cook) book can be hard. We’re here to help.

the artful
All About the Book  |  

Barbara de la Cuesta on her book “The Artful Lodger”

I love women’s stories. Their lives can become so absurd, their heroism so unlike a man’s…

Indie 101  |  

How to Overcome Your Procrastination and Finish Writing Your Book – Part One

7 tips to help you get that manuscript finished and OTD (Out the Door)

indie voice
Indie Voice  |  

You Think Politicians Distort the Facts? Take a Look at What Douglas Preston Recently Said!

The 6 Part Process to Successfully Self-Pubbing Your Book, 5 Things Authors Need to Understand About Cover Design, A New Tool That Helps You Keep Track of Your Income + more in this week’s round-up

ripped paper background
All About the Book  |  

J.A. Carter-Winward on “Grind”

You won’t find any velvet blindfolds, latex and leather or furry handcuffs in this book. What you will find is a stark examination of relationships, control, money, power and sex, all culminating into a shocking climax that changes each of their lives.

nathalia suellen
Indie 101  |  

15 More Cover Designers to Make Your Next Book Beautiful

While the old adage “you can’t judge a book by its cover” is great advice when it comes to choosing friends and lovers, the opposite tends to be true for people picking their next read.

indie voice
Indie Voice  |  

From what I’ve heard from trad pubbed (authors), the contracts are getting worse

2016 Publishing Trends, A New “Essential” Publishing Industry Newsletter for Authors, How to Not Screw Up a Query Letter + more in this week’s round-up

pile of cash
News  |  

From Indie Author to 6 (and 7!)-Figure Traditionally Pubbed Book Deal

If your dream for your indie book includes having it bought by a traditional publisher, you wouldn’t be the first. And one of the best kept secrets in the publishing industry is how often this scenario actually plays out.

All About the Book  |  

Dean Ammerman on his “Escape from Dorkville”

There are lots of deep and serious books in the world. This is not one of them.

the day jobs
Infographic  |  

The Day Jobs that Inspired Famous Authors

In addition to containing some fun facts, we hope the infographic encourages you to discover a couple of books you may have not yet read, or to look at a writer and their work in a new way.

rogue lawyer
Alike But Indie  |  

If You Liked “Rogue Lawyer”, You’ll LOVE…

Choosing an indie book is hard. We’re here to help.

magic bat
All About the Book  |  

Kevin Christofora on Why He Wrote a Kids Book About Baseball

Most parents today know very little about baseball. So, unlike previous generations, they don’t have a lot to pass on to their children, and most kids today know more about Angry Birds than they do about America’s National Pastime.

david bowie
RIP  |  

RIP David Bowie

One of my earliest memories was checking out my red glitter nail polish as my girlfriends and I tottered–in hot pants and 4″ high-heel wedges–down the hill towards the Tower Theater to hear David Bowie perform as Ziggy Stardust.

indie voice
Indie Voice  |  

The Internet On Real Paper – Whatever Next?

Reddit is (Self)Pubbing a Hardback of Best AMAs, ASI is Sold to Private Equity Firm, ALLi Invites Authors to Create New Converts to Reading + more in this week’s round-up

All About the Book  |  

Peggy Lampman on her Inspiration for “Simmer and Smoke”

Two women from dramatically different backgrounds find their lives and ambitions intersecting as they try to find success in the culinary world.

New Year's Resolutions
New Year's Resolutions  |  

6 Books to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions On-Track

If you have a resolution for this year–or if you could use an idea for making one–check out the books below to steer you in the right direction and help keep on track.

burn zones
All About the Book  |  

Jorge Newbery Shares his Business Success and Failures in “Burn Zones”

Potential investors run background checks and discovered what looks like my horrific past. I used to write long explanation letters. Nowadays, I just hand them a copy of my book.

IR Interview  |  

Minx Malone on Her “Accidental” Entry into Indie Publishing + How “Big Publishing” Gets it Wrong Selling Multicultural Romances

The New York Times bestselling author talks about how diversity effects her writing and growing up with sweet tea, gravy and gossip.

New Year's Resolutions
New Year's Resolutions  |  

8 Best Selling Indie Authors Share Their New Year’s Resolutions

IndieReader reached out to eight New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors and asked them to share their New Year’s resolutions for 2016.

the mask
All About the Book  |  

Ken Ulano Talks About “The Mask Maker”

Albert Johnson is a prodigy raised in abuse and isolation, living at his childhood home in rural Maryland.