Dec 10, 2016
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What Else But Indie?

simple simon
What Else But Indie?  |  

Six Boundary-Breaking Indies

An indie author’s strongest suit is that, no longer needing the “permission” of cultural gate-keepers to get their work in the hands of readers, they are able to write stories that have been overwhelmingly absent in traditionally published titles, speaking in a voice all their own.

What Else But Indie?  |  

5 Marijuana Books that Deserve to Get a Buzz

Whether you’re a regular user or just pot-curious, have a look at a few of the weed-themed books that have sprung up in the past few years.

live my
What Else But Indie?  |  

9 Titles that Highlight the Best of Self-Publishing

Handcrafted. Crowd funded. Small-batch. Self-published.

the envelope
What Else But Indie?  |  

10 Titles that Highlight the Best of Self-Publishing

Despite thousands of bestsellers, numerous titles that have picked up prestigious lit awards and the many works grabbed up at great cost by traditional publishers, self-publishing still–in the immortal words of Rodney Dangerfield–can’t get no respect.

the habit
What Else But Indie?  |  

5 Art Books that Could Only be Indie

Handcrafted. Small-batch. Self-published.

April Fools  |  

April Fools Crazy?
Or Real Indie Titles?

5 Indie Titles that Will Make You Ask…WTF?

What Else But Indie?  |  

6 Self Help Book Titles that Need Help

Jumping Out of Satan’s Lie Pot and Landing in God’s Truth. Huh?

life in the
What Else But Indie?  |  

6 Self-Help Book Titles That Need Help

“Your Secret To Earn Money and Riches” and “Sewing Chicken’s Eyes”. Need we say more?

how i cured
What Else But Indie?  |  

Jimmy Fallon’s Spring “Do Not Read List”

In preparation for spring 2013, Jimmy Fallon made his seasonal picks for books that should be avoided at all costs. We’ve separated out the indies.

how to fake
What Else But Indie?  |  

Valentine’s Day Edition

Nothing says “love” like an self-pubbed book (unless it’s flowers, chocolate or jewelry). And nothing says “self-pubbed” like any one of these four titles. Enjoy!

What Else But Indie?  |  

Christmas Edition

Like fruitcake, except in book form.

the ron paul
What Else But Indie?  |  

The Ron Paul Family Cookbook 2012

The perfect holiday gift for the true Ron Paul supporter.

the layman's
What Else But Indie?  |  

The Layman’s Weather Guide according to Pogonips

You do not need to read “Pogonips” from front to back like a novel in order for it to make sense. The sections are discreet and inclusive so you can open it up wherever you choose.

Sounds more like a book of erotica…”50 Shades of Pogonips “, anyone?

What Else But Indie?  |  

The Oh-Shit-It’s-An-Election Year Edition

Last week, the Republicans nominated Mit(ten) O’ Romney and his side-kick, Paul (no abortion for YOU!) Ryan. Last night, the Democrats simply kicked ass (Michele, what gorgeous arms you have!).

running small
A little cool. A little off. A little weird.
What Else But Indie?  |  

The 2012 Summer Olympic Edition

We have to admit that we’ve spent many evenings over the past week sitting on the couch watching those incredible athletes, listening to rhetoric more overheated than Granada (they won their first gold!) and enthralled by Bob Costas’ color coordinated shirts and ties.

What Else But Indie?  |  

The “Times are Tight/Summer Jobs” Edition

The good news is that summer is here. The bad news is that you’re not getting a vacation (and that’s if you still have a job!), and, yeah, I guess all that talk about global warming is for real because my patio set just melted.

airport big
Indie (Books) Gone Bad  |  

5 Travel Books So Unique
They Could Only Be Indies

“Two Old Farts and a Motorhome!”, “Knife Laws of the Fifty States” “Travels with My Ass” and more. Don’t leave home without ’em!

Indie (Books) Gone Bad  |  

I Was Tortured By The Pygmy Love Queen

One man, stripped, bound and helpless versus a woman insane who uses her legion of little devils to assist her with his interrogations — who will win this battle?

castration statue
Indie (Books) Gone Bad  |  

Castration: The Advantages and the Disadvantages

The book contains considerable data to substantiate each of the aspects of the castration results. The simple 15-minute surgery gives a whopping thirteen and a half years of average life expectancy increase, cures prostate cancer and improves the body’s immune system functioning.

Indie (Books) Gone Bad  |  

Embalming is Not a Sport

Although this novel is not intended to be a text book on embalming, the reader will feel that he or she will almost have the training to embalm a dead human body.

Shia banana2
Indie Books Gone Bad  |  

Shia LaBeouf’s Self-Pubbed Comics: Not So Great

Comics Alliance columnist Matt D. Wilson comes to the conclusion that, “LaBeouf’s comics–if you can call picture books consisting entirely of splash pages and only the occasional word balloon comics”, aren’t any good but that he’s “not going to fault the guy for trying”.

snoop dog
Indie Books Gone Bad  |  

How to Get Kids Interested in Reading

Our first in a series…because no one does bad quite like an indie!