Dec 08, 2016
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Guest Author

All About the Book  |  

Agus Ekanurdi on writing a cookbook about…love

Solid relationships are built on trust, honesty, and care, and Cook Your Way to Love & Harmony showcases this in a spectacular fashion.

25 online
Tips  |  

25 Online Destinations to Spark Your Writing Inspiration

Writing and creativity go hand in hand. They are kind of like soul mates – you can’t have one without the other.

All About the Book  |  

Terry John Barto on his IRDA Winning “Nickerbacher, the Funniest Dragon”

Once upon a time, a young dragon named Nickerbacher stood guard for Princess Gwendolyn in a tall tower because his papa told him to.

All About the Book  |  

Sandra Bullock Smith talks about “Trading Places: Becoming My Mother’s Mother”

It is a memoir filled with respect, compassion and love, as well as life lessons and lessons learned.

Lemons  |  

What, Me Query?

When life gives you lemons, don’t make lemonade. Nope. Instead, snatch up the biggest juiciest lemon, and you hurl that mo-fo back as hard as you can.

TREADMILL book Cover jpeg
Crossing Over  |  

Warren Adler: Why I Went Indie & Why the “Joys and Glory of Authordom Cannot Be Dismissed.”

The author of 27 novels trad pubbed novels–including “The War of the Roses”, shares his experiences and talks about why all careers in the arts are essentially bi-polar

kindle scout
News  |  

One Author’s Experience with Amazon’s New Kindle Scout

Indie Author Neal Wooten Talks About Amazon’s new Kindle Scout program, a place where readers help decide if a book gets published.

d day
Remembrance  |  

D-Day Memoirs Lost

Major publishing houses will continue to produce worthy books based on the lives of the famous and influential. Independent publishers need to publish the other accounts: the ordinary, the lowly, the stories of the real G.I Joes.

book trailer 1
Feature  |  

5 Top Book Trailer Misconceptions

Part Three: Book Trailers Are Ruining Literature!

Feature  |  

Is Self-Publishing Creating A New Underclass?

For traditionally-published authors, the consistent advice from agents and publishers is “Don’t quit your day job.” That’s not the case with an increasing number of indies.

Feature  |  

What is Literary Value?

Dan Brown sells more books than Michael Chabon. Does that make Dan Brown a better writer?

List  |  

5 Graphic Novels for the Indie Lit Snob

This year saw a number of diverse literary fiction offerings. But what about the comics genre?

is everyone 1
Question  |  

Is Everyone a Writer?

In this day and digital age, apparently it only takes a millisecond—and now everyone can call himself or herself a writer.

taken for a ride2
Feature  |  

Next Time, I’ll Self-publish

When to suspect you’re getting taken for a ride by your publisher.

romance 3
Feature  |  

Romance Goes Mainstream

Best Selling Novelists Tell All

idiot 2
Opinion  |  

Why Paying For Bogus Reviews Makes You An Idiot

We live in a capitalistic society, which focuses on success by any and all means. Add to that an economy that’s in the dump, and people are more desperate than ever to make bank.

why readers
Appeal  |  

5 Reasons Readers Need Rabble

Is there a reliable review mechanism? You know that no publisher, retailer or author (traditional or independent) has an economic incentive to give you an honest opinion about the content. And you can’t expect Amazon to create a verified review process.

going both small
IR Feature  |  

Going Both Ways

Whether switching from indie to traditional publishing–or the other way around–authors are discovering that hybrid is the new normal.

Feature  |  

Out of the Closet & Onto the Page

Ah, 2012. An outstanding year for LGBT rights in the English speaking world. Despite this progress, when I sit down and escape into my books, I feel a certain lack of…fabulousness. Where are my strong, central, LGBT fictionalized characters?

Sabrina Ricci  |  

Why Traditionally Published Authors Are Going Indie

After talking to six traditionally published authors who have since turned to self-publishing, it became clear they all had one common motive for making the switch: they wanted control.

Guy Kawasaki  |  

How to Decide Whether to Read a Self-Published Book

Good news: self-publishing means that there are many books to read. Bad news: self-publishing means there are many books to read.

man on ledge
Suggestion  |  

Modern Edge: New Year, New Book Genre

A generation ago, father always knew best. Today, father is stealing money from the office, mother is a closet drunk, daughter is getting pregnant by her high school biology teacher, and son is experiencing flashbacks from sexual abuse suffered at the hands of the local priest.

f scott
Paper Weights  |  

An Indie Writer’s Short Story Journey: A 21st Century Take

I write short stories. Perhaps you read them. You’re a rarity if you do. Because when it comes to the short story genre, it usually isn’t the type of book that traditional publishers are looking to produce.

standup guys
John DeBellis  |  

The Day I Saved Larry David’s Life

Around four o’clock on a Friday afternoon, I got a call from Larry David, his voice weak and on the edge of desperation, “Uh…John…it’s Larry…I have a problem….”