Jul 05, 2015
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Gotta Have It

Kickstarter Indies  |  

7 Awesome Kickstarted Indie Books

For over the past few years, one of the best resources for indie authors has become Kickstarter, which not only provide the platform for raising funding necessary to publish print copies and ebooks, but also helps to gauge reader interest.

danse 3
Indie Vision  |  

Danse Macabre 2.0: An Art Book

A lovely little object that includes all the illustrations from the series, each with a suitable verse of poetry, plus an introduction to the history of the medieval genre.

the filigree
Indie Vision  |  

The Filigree: News From Fairyland

One of the products listed was titled “The Filigree”, and it was a newspaper. A fairy-tale newspaper.

A to Zine  |  

Forever Falling Sideways

A large, 72 page zine about mental health comprised of personal stories, poetry, interviews, art, and tips for taking care of yourself.

Indie Book for a Cause  |  

Fifty Shades of Pink

A common cause. An exclusive anthology. Available for a limited time!

Miniature Books  |  

Curiosity in Miniature: Bo Press

Miniature books have a history nearly as long as full-sized books, perhaps because humans have long been fascinated with tiny things.

so she had the world 1
Chapbook Review  |  

Manifesting Our Illusions

So She Had the World

fergus 1
A to Zine  |  

Fergus #32

This zine is like a wonderful mix of a blog and journal. But what struck me the most was how the story was very raw and stream-of-consciousness.

colleen 1
Indie Vision  |  

The Minicomics of Colleen MacIsaac

The object with zines and minicomics is not so much to make money, but to participate in a community.

retirement 1
Gotta Have It!  |  

Happy Valentine’s Day!

You’re never too old to get your groove on, even if it’s just with a friend.

avedon cover
Gotta Have It!  |  

Avedon: Women

Over his sixty-year career, photographer Richard Avedon was renowned for his distinctive, transformative eye.

chalky 2
Indie Vision  |  

Chalky the Cat

The real stand-outs in this project are the gorgeous full-color illustrations and the playful typography.