Apr 01, 2015
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Gotta Have It

danse 3
Indie Vision  |  

Danse Macabre 2.0: An Art Book

A lovely little object that includes all the illustrations from the series, each with a suitable verse of poetry, plus an introduction to the history of the medieval genre.

the filigree
Indie Vision  |  

The Filigree: News From Fairyland

One of the products listed was titled “The Filigree”, and it was a newspaper. A fairy-tale newspaper.

A to Zine  |  

Forever Falling Sideways

A large, 72 page zine about mental health comprised of personal stories, poetry, interviews, art, and tips for taking care of yourself.

Indie Book for a Cause  |  

Fifty Shades of Pink

A common cause. An exclusive anthology. Available for a limited time!

Miniature Books  |  

Curiosity in Miniature: Bo Press

Miniature books have a history nearly as long as full-sized books, perhaps because humans have long been fascinated with tiny things.

so she had the world 1
Chapbook Review  |  

Manifesting Our Illusions

So She Had the World

fergus 1
A to Zine  |  

Fergus #32

This zine is like a wonderful mix of a blog and journal. But what struck me the most was how the story was very raw and stream-of-consciousness.

colleen 1
Indie Vision  |  

The Minicomics of Colleen MacIsaac

The object with zines and minicomics is not so much to make money, but to participate in a community.

retirement 1
Gotta Have It!  |  

Happy Valentine’s Day!

You’re never too old to get your groove on, even if it’s just with a friend.

avedon cover
Gotta Have It!  |  

Avedon: Women

Over his sixty-year career, photographer Richard Avedon was renowned for his distinctive, transformative eye.

chalky 2
Indie Vision  |  

Chalky the Cat

The real stand-outs in this project are the gorgeous full-color illustrations and the playful typography.

pirelli 2
Gotta Have It  |  

Pirelli’s 2014 Calendar

Not hooked up with a 2014 calendar yet?