Dec 08, 2016
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Gotta Have It

the habit
What Else But Indie?  |  

5 Art Books that Could Only be Indie

Handcrafted. Small-batch. Self-published.

danse 3
Indie Vision  |  

Danse Macabre 2.0: An Art Book

A lovely little object that includes all the illustrations from the series, each with a suitable verse of poetry, plus an introduction to the history of the medieval genre.

the filigree
Indie Vision  |  

The Filigree: News From Fairyland

One of the products listed was titled “The Filigree”, and it was a newspaper. A fairy-tale newspaper.

A to Zine  |  

Forever Falling Sideways

A large, 72 page zine about mental health comprised of personal stories, poetry, interviews, art, and tips for taking care of yourself.

Indie Book for a Cause  |  

Fifty Shades of Pink

A common cause. An exclusive anthology. Available for a limited time!

Miniature Books  |  

Curiosity in Miniature: Bo Press

Miniature books have a history nearly as long as full-sized books, perhaps because humans have long been fascinated with tiny things.

so she had the world 1
Chapbook Review  |  

Manifesting Our Illusions

So She Had the World

fergus 1
A to Zine  |  

Fergus #32

This zine is like a wonderful mix of a blog and journal. But what struck me the most was how the story was very raw and stream-of-consciousness.

colleen 1
Indie Vision  |  

The Minicomics of Colleen MacIsaac

The object with zines and minicomics is not so much to make money, but to participate in a community.

retirement 1
Gotta Have It!  |  

Happy Valentine’s Day!

You’re never too old to get your groove on, even if it’s just with a friend.

avedon cover
Gotta Have It!  |  

Avedon: Women

Over his sixty-year career, photographer Richard Avedon was renowned for his distinctive, transformative eye.

chalky 2
Indie Vision  |  

Chalky the Cat

The real stand-outs in this project are the gorgeous full-color illustrations and the playful typography.

pirelli 2
Gotta Have It  |  

Pirelli’s 2014 Calendar

Not hooked up with a 2014 calendar yet?

Gotta Have It  |  

Jewels by JAR

Can’t afford to buy a lavish jeweled creation on display at the Metropolitan Museum’s Jewels by JAR retrospective?

nmp 2
Small Batch Books  |  

All About Chapbooks

“Chapbooks are smaller, published in limited quantities, and often include hand-made qualities such as letterpress, hand stitching, or silk-screening.”

Comics  |  

David B.’s “Incidents in the Night”

David B.’s “Incidents in the Night” begins, fittingly, with a dream.

Small Batch Books  |  

Absolut Strepteasse

Badabum was created in the summer of 2010 in order to provide a base for independent publishing within the world of graphic art.

Small Batch Books  |  

The Tattoo Art of Quyen Dinh

“I suspect I never left that certain phase in childhood when bright colors, simple shapes, and bold outlines of Saturday morning cartoons and coloring books were the only images that captivated children for hours.”

a strange
Small Batch Books  |  

A Strange New World

Reminiscent in tone of the classic “Where the Wild Things Are”, Amelia Kieras’ “A Strange New World” is the story of a young girl’s travels through a mysterious garden.

the foodie
Giving Back  |  

The Foodie Collective

The idea for a The Foodie Collective cookbook came up during a Christmas oyster party in 2011, when the group were discussing the success of their very first fundraiser for Mission Bon Accueil in Montreal, as well as how fortunate they all were to be able to eat so well and so often.

louis vuitton
Indie Travel Guides  |  

Just In Time for Summer Vacation Planning!

There’s no time like the present to start planning your summer vacation. Be sure to take along one of these indie guidebooks when you do!

Hopper drug 2
Gotta Have It!  |  

“Drugstore Camera Newspaper” & “Hotel Chelsea”

This week we showcase two fabulous indie books: Gagosian Gallery’s “Drugstore Camera Newspaper”, a 28 page over-sized accompaniment to the late Dennis Hopper’s “The Lost Album” show, and “Hotel Chelsea”, photographer Victoria Cohen’s fascinating look at an historic landmark.

Small Batch Books  |  

FanGirls Inc

An illustrated humor book about fangirls and the gems they spout on YouTube

Small Batch Books  |  

Handmade Book of Herbs

The world of self-published books is a large one, containing not only blockbuster best sellers, but also books, made lovingly by hand, in small quantities.

Self-publishing is, after all, about an artists’ singular vision and it is those titles we seek to highlight in our new regular feature, “Small Batch Books”, for readers and collectors interested in more DIY-type, limited edition titles.