Apr 01, 2015
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Giftt Guide  |  

IR’s Gift Guide for 2014

7 Gorgeous Quirky Indies Titles for Everyone on Your List

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Reasons  |  

Reason #16 to Self Publish

To Raise Money to Provide Support for Women with Breast Cancer

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Holiday Gift Guide  |  

Six Chefs A Cheffing!

Whether we think about spending the extra twenty minutes on the elliptical, or stay up later watching eBay with wide elfin eyes, its food that brings us all together.

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Living Indie  |  

Handpicked Presents for Every Writer and Reader on Your List

At a loss on what to buy that quirky writer or reader you hold so dear? Let us help. We’ve picked a slew of gifts specifically with scribes and avid readers in mind.

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Gift Guide  |  

Tweetbook Ideas for the Eight Nights of Chanukah

Tweetbooks are the latest avenue to self-publishing made easy. And best of all, you don’t actually have to be a writer, just one of the millions who dash off witticisms at 140 characters per.

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Gift Guide  |  

Indie Books and First Editions

Best selling indie titles are being scooped up like so many low salt, lime scented Tortilla chips, making the author’s original work —sometimes produced only in eformat but frequently available in paper—bonafide first editions.

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Gift Guide  |  

Seven Gifts Fo Yo Mama

Chances are: she cooks the turkey, brings home the bacon, cleans the house and negotiates a cease fire between Israel and Hamas (way to go, Hillary!).