Aug 01, 2015
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Feature  |  

4 Indie “Podcast Novels”
(Plus “Serial”)

Podcast novels—free, self-published audiobooks—are as old as the medium itself.

Kickstarted Indies  |  

5 Successfully Funded Kickstarted Books

We at IndieReader believe that the books generated by successful crowdfunding campaigns truly represent the best of what indie publishing can be–books created by authors with a vision and supported by readers who share that vision.

Seasonal Selections  |  

7 Tropically Themed Indie Titles for More Fun in the Sun

Nothing says festive like a three day weekend that includes fireworks, BBQ’s and lounging on the beach with a great book.

Seasonal Selections  |  

5 Indie Titles to Fuel Your Wanderlust

Vacation season is just around the corner! Do you have a trip planned out already for the summer? If not, these books might have you Googling for travel agents and destinations before you can put them back on the shelf.

summer books
Best of Summer  |  

16 Indie Summer Reads

Suntan lotion? Check. Hammock under shaded trees? Check. IR Approved Titles for your summer reading pleasure? From Horror and Historical Fiction to Romance and Fantasy. You can find them all here!

New Releases!  |  

5 Indie Reads Funded by Pubslush

New funded titles from PubSlush.

incandescent river
Nearly Naked Indie Cover Boys  |  

6 Nearly Naked Indie Cover Boys (April)

Because a sexy hunk is all it takes to get us to the first page.

Kickstarter Indies  |  

7 Awesome Kickstarted Indie Books

For over the past few years, one of the best resources for indie authors has become Kickstarter, which not only provide the platform for raising funding necessary to publish print copies and ebooks, but also helps to gauge reader interest.

April Fools  |  

April Fools Crazy?
Or Real Indie Titles?

5 Indie Titles that Will Make You Ask…WTF?

cape cod kisses
New Releases!  |  

6 New Indie Romances for Spring

New and upcoming romance releases that will (hopefully!) warm us up these last weeks of winter.

stepbrother dearest
Nearly Naked Indie Cover Boys  |  

6 Nearly Naked Indie Cover Boys (March Edition)

Because a sexy hunk is all it takes to get us to the first page.

TREADMILL book Cover jpeg
Crossing Over  |  

Warren Adler: Why I Went Indie & Why the “Joys and Glory of Authordom Cannot Be Dismissed.”

The author of 27 novels trad pubbed novels–including “The War of the Roses”, shares his experiences and talks about why all careers in the arts are essentially bi-polar

kindle scout
News  |  

One Author’s Experience with Amazon’s New Kindle Scout

Indie Author Neal Wooten Talks About Amazon’s new Kindle Scout program, a place where readers help decide if a book gets published.

NYTCREDIT: Earl Wilson/The New York Times5-15-2012
The Book that Changed My Life  |  

The Book that Changed His Life

Posted originally in ’09, David Carr shared his pick with IR.

Seth Godin Icarus
IR Interview  |  

Why Marketing Giant Seth Godin Went Indie (Again)

“Self-publishing is not merely a new way to get to the market. Self-publishing is the responsibility of choosing oneself. And that changes everything, completely and forever.”

Nearly Naked Indie Cover Boys  |  

Nearly Naked Indie Cover Boys

Because a sexy hunk is all it takes to get us to the first page.

New Year's Resolutions
Resolutions  |  

5 Books for Turning Over a New Leaf

It’s time to ring in the New Year, and you know what that means–resolutions!

gg #6
Giftt Guide  |  

IR’s Gift Guide for 2014

7 Gorgeous Quirky Indies Titles for Everyone on Your List

First Edition: Indie Style  |  

Gail McHugh’s Steamy Romances “Collide” and “Pulse”

Since many 1st editions fetch big sums at auction, IR takes a closer look at originally self-pubbed titles with traditionally published make-overs

what are you
Giving Thanks  |  

4 Indie Authors Give Thanks

We grabbed a few authors of indie favorites and put them to the test by asking: what are you thankful for this year?

thanksgiving dogs
Seasonal Selections  |  

Thanksgiving the Indie Way

7 Indie Picks with that life-enhancing Thanksgiving feeling

Blurb Picks  |  

Blurb November Picks

What’s new and great on the Blurb Newsstand.

Claire Cook

The IR Interview: Trad and Indie Published Author Claire Cook

The author of Must Love Dogs Talks About Reinvention, and what she’s learned along the way.

B&A Down to You Before
Before & After  |  

M. Leighton’s BAD BOYS

The first two installments of M. Leighton’s Bad Boys series were published by Leighton herself in 2012 and 2013 respectively (and should be familiar to those who are up on their IR Bestseller Lists).