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9 Best Summer Indie Reads

Whether you’re a romantic looking for a hot summer love story, an adrenaline junkie looking for an action thriller, or a science fiction lover looking to leave the world behind entirely, there’s an indie read for everyone.

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Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

6 Indie Titles to enjoy with a bag of peanuts and beer

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The Problem with Plagiarism

Did the heroine have glasses? Well, now she wears contacts. Was she skinny? Guess who’s gained a few pounds?

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6 Picks for an Indie Father’s Day

Dads work hard. Really hard.

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D-Day Memoirs Lost

Major publishing houses will continue to produce worthy books based on the lives of the famous and influential. Independent publishers need to publish the other accounts: the ordinary, the lowly, the stories of the real G.I Joes.

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Memorial Day Edition

As you settle in to a lawn chair for a long weekend of BBQs and celebrating the stars and stripes, make sure you have something appropriate to read!

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Seven Gifts Fo Yo Mama!

2014 Mother’s Day Edition

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10 Biographies Only Their Mothers Will Read

Because Not Every Life is a Page-Turner.

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Danse Macabre 2.0: An Art Book

A lovely little object that includes all the illustrations from the series, each with a suitable verse of poetry, plus an introduction to the history of the medieval genre.

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A Rich Tapestry

“Whenever there was a lull in conversation or I didn’t know what to say, I’d offer the saying ‘Hey, it’s a rich tapestry!’”

the filigree
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The Filigree: News From Fairyland

One of the products listed was titled “The Filigree”, and it was a newspaper. A fairy-tale newspaper.

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Groupees: Your One Stop Shop For All Independent Art

For the next big thing in music, games, comics, film and more.