Jul 04, 2015
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Guest Column

Advice  |  

5 Ways to Get Publicity for Your Book

Contacting the press and embarking on a book tour are part of your publicity campaign, but there are other ways to drum up excitement for your book launch.

mad men
First Person  |  

Growing Up the Son of a “Mad Man”

Recalling Advertising’s Golden Era Through My Father’s Work

everafter logo
News  |  

EverAfter Romance App

New eBookstore Offers Readers & Indie Authors New Exciting New Platform

Feature  |  

Gatekeeping: Snobbery or Quality Control?

Publishers are a self-obsessed elite keeping those they demean from enjoying the same opportunities as they and their friends do.

book trailer 1
Misconceptions  |  

5 Top Book Trailer Misconceptions

Part Five: They Don’t Work

award 3
Speech  |  

My Acceptance Speech for Your One Star Review

In the spirit of the Oscars – I haven’t prepared anything. I’m just a mid-list author who never expected to be honored like this. It’s true.

book trailer 1
Misconceptions  |  

5 Top Book Trailer Misconceptions

Part Four: It’s a Passing Phase

book trailer 1
Feature  |  

5 Top Book Trailer Misconceptions

Part Two: Great Book Trailers Must Cost a Fortune!

book trailer 1
How To  |  

5 Top Book Trailer Misconceptions

Part One: Quality Doesn’t Matter

kick ass
Feature  |  

22 Kick Ass Heroines

A selection of books featuring feisty women who can fight as well as outsmart their enemies.

Resolutions  |  

Anti-Resolutions for 2014

“Why am I doing this again?”

Debate  |  

Indie Authors & Paid Reviews

Orna Ross from ALLi Joins the Debate