Dec 08, 2016
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Andrew Stout

IR Book Review  |  

Mr. Grieves

An animal or plant — or maybe even an ovum — talks. Sometimes to itself, but more often to another of its kind. The idea is simple, but the execution is smart and almost always funny in Scott Semegran’s collection of 140 four-panel comics drawn between 2004 and 2008, “Mr. Grieves”.

Virginia Woolf
The Book is the Thing  |  

What Virginia Woolf Knew About Making Books

While Woolf’s regard for the reader might be inspiring to any writer, her commitment to making books that stand as beautiful objects is instructive to independent author-publishers in particular.

AS Cyrano
The Book is the Thing  |  

Cyrano’s Gaffe: The Book-That-is-More-Than-a-Book

Who was the first person to pick up a book, dust its cover, thumb its pages, and think “you know, this really should be more than a book — there should be some, I dunno, music or something to go with this, too, to make it, er, immersive?”

the LowbrowReader color
The Book is the Thing  |  

The Pleasure of the Text

Is Drag City, an influential record label, ready to make its mark on publishing? And will Jay Ruttenburg’s The Lowbrow Reader Reader be the book to make the mark?

AS Akai home page
The Book is the Thing  |  

Small Wonders

What the miniature book boom says about the state of print.

AS KD Collection_of_Moments_21
The Book is the Thing  |  

An Unfamiliar Place

Kathryn Desforges doesn’t remember much about March 2, 2010. It was a Tuesday. She got up around nine. The weather was bright, the house was silent. But when her boyfriend came back for lunch she had to tell him to keep quiet, begging the perfectly reasonable question for an outside observer: why?

about a bird cover
The Book is the Thing  |  

About A Bird

Each book is a world unto itself — a sort-of art object, with its formatting, color, and typography lovingly chosen by the author. The entire floor space of the shop speaks to the idea that the beauty of a book can stretch far beyond its text.