Jul 05, 2015
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Crossing Over  |  

Warren Adler: Why I Went Indie & Why the “Joys and Glory of Authordom Cannot Be Dismissed.”

The author of 27 novels trad pubbed novels–including “The War of the Roses”, shares his experiences and talks about why all careers in the arts are essentially bi-polar

the seed
Covers  |  

5 Genre Novels Whose Authors Did the Cover Design Thing Very Right.

You can tell a book by its cover

Crossing Over  |  

We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

Two authors talk about the differences between writing for tv vs publishing a book

Crossing Over  |  

Changing Direction Mid-Stream

What happens when your own life stretches over the boundaries that others have drawn for you?

Crowdsourcing 1
The Brilliance of a Book Cover  |  

Crowdsourcing Cover Design?

The entire publishing industry is in a state of ongoing change and every passing week brings a new trend and a new set of rules.

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Crossing Over  |  

How to Take Your Self Seriously as an Indie Author

As a self-published author, I got 99 problems. But a boss ain’t one of them.

letters 2
Crossing Over  |  


So why, after all of that, would I decide to indie publish a new series? Because the publisher, in the way that publishing sometimes goes, decided not to do any more books after Book 9 came out last fall.

crossing over iceland
Crossing Over  |  

On Becoming Multimedia Emperors

If it had been the Sixties, we would have begun a commune. If it had been the nineties we would have started a dot-com. Because it’s the 2010s (the first two decades of a century are super annoying for nickname branding purposes), we obviously decided to start a multimedia empire.

the burning
Feature  |  

Yes, We Really Do Judge Books by Their Covers

According to Mark Coker, Smashwords’ founder, there’s a clear connection between great covers and great sales. “In addition to promising what a book will deliver, the [cover] image also promises (or fails to promise) that the author is a professional, and that the book will honor the reader’s time.”

Cover Me  |  

Presenting April’s “Ebook Cover Design Awards”

Gone are the days when indie books were immediately recognizable via their crappy covers.

john 5
Cover Me  |  

Why it’s best if I let my wife handle my book jacket designs

It’s difficult to say when my book jacket hobby became a sickness, but it was likely about the time I started writing books simply for the sake of creating covers for them. That’s when I knew I needed help. Again, my wife to the rescue. A professional graphic designer as well as artist, she has wrested from me the tools of my day-glow debauchery.

Crossing Over  |  

Patti Davis: “If you weren’t you I could sell this in a minute”

There is now a boundary line in my career, separating being conventionally published and self-published. And I’m very much at peace on this side of that boundary line.