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If You Liked “The Cuckoo’s Calling”, You’ll Love…

Choosing an indie book can be hard.

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The Wickedly Sisters on their IRDA Winning Book “Spoon and the Moon”

“Most Holstein cows do not live in 19th century mansions.”

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Joanne DeMaio on IRDA Winner “Blue Jeans and Coffee Beans”

Sometimes a place is so special, it becomes a part of who we are.

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Romy Wyllie on IRDA Winning “Loving Andrew”

In October 1993 a devastating wildfire destroyed fifty percent of the houses in our neighborhood but left our home untouched. I thought of all the letters, photographs, and journals that I had kept with the idea of one day writing the story of bringing up a son with Down syndrome.

my prison
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Taylor Faulks on IRDA Winning “My Prison Without Bars”

I have always been struck dumb and quite frankly amazed, by the concealed and often guarded reporting of sexual abuse…point in fact, the Penn State, Jerry Sandusky debacle that came out recently.

Memory's Wake
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Selina Fenech on her IRDA Winning “Memory’s Wake”

Memory’s Wake is a genre mash up of fantasy (magic, dragons, and fairy creatures), a modern main character, Arthurian mythology, and a pre-industrial revolution semi-Victorian era world.

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Sandra Deighan on Steamy IRDA Winner “Captured Hearts”

“The first time he laid eyes on her, she was looking the other way.”

a gender
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J. J. McKenzie on IRDA Winner “A Gender Neutral God/ess”

I ask myself why? Why am I writing this book about a bi-gender, androgynous deity?

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Jeanette Battista on IRDA Winner “Long Black Veil”

Devon stood at the base of the steps of the Town Hall, her shadow from the light above thrown out behind her like a cape.

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Kirt Manecke on IRDA Winning “Smile: Sell More with Amazing Customer Service”

I do have a terrific quote from Ben Cohen of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream at the start of my introduction: “When we give, we receive — when a business does something good for somebody, that somebody feels good about them.”

the settler
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Brian Duncan on his IRDA Winning Book, “The Settler”

It’s about loves and wars in the cauldron of Southern Africa in 1890-1902, where a young Englishman and his American companion become accidental soldiers.

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Jennifer Richardson on the IRDA Winning “Americashire: A Field Guide to Marriage”

Americashire begins with the simultaneous purchase of a Cotswold cottage and my ill-advised decision to tell my grandchild-hungry parents that I am going to try to have a baby.