May 27, 2015
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All About the Book

All About the Book  |  

Len Napolitano on His Book “Nose, Legs, Body!

After 10 years of writing a wine column, I realized I had enough questions and answers to compile into a handy book for beginners.

All About the Book  |  

Michael Nusbaum Writes about Ere àwòrán

“Potential means nothing without the realization of one’s own abilities”.

He Did You big
All About the Book  |  

Debra Rogers on her IRDA Winning “He Did You a Favor”

“You’re devastated by the way he impaled your heart on a dagger.”

All About the Book  |  

Camille Matthews on her IRDA Winning “Quincy and Buck”

Quincy and Buck tackles the topic of bullying.

the new art big
All About the Book  |  

Diane Burnside Murdock on her IRDA Winning “The New Art of Dying”

The book began taking shape over 30 years ago. My mom was dying from lung cancer.

women's big
All About the Book  |  

Kari Aguila on her IRDA Winning Dystopic Suspense Novel, “Women’s Work”

What would change if women ruled the world? And once they have the power, what will they do to keep it?

dancing big
All About the Book  |  

Rose Senehi on her IRDA Winning “Dancing on Rocks”

A turbulent summer in a small mountain tourist town where four women must reveal their secrets in order to heal a twenty-five-year-old wound.

An Animal big
An Animal Life  |  

Howard Krum on his IRDA Winning “An Animal Life”

An Animal Life is inspired by the real-life adventures of four veterinary school classmates.

the latecomers new
All About the Book  |  

Diane Mulligan on her IRDA Winning “The Latecomers Fan Club”

This book was born when I tried to put myself into what I considered a nightmare situation. “What if I got divorced, had no job, and had to move back in with my mother?”

split rock big
All About the Book  |  

James McAllen on his IRDA Winning “Split Rock Road”

From the time I was a small child, I loved to observe strangers and ponder their lives; contemplating what they did and why they did it… Plus, I wanted to be Hemingway.

the light big
All About the Book  |  

Amy Billone on her IRDA Winning “The Light Changes”

A memoir which centers around an attempted suicide beneath the wheels of a train and the effort to find truth and beauty and meaning and success and revelation in the aftermath of this traumatic event…

All About the Book  |  

L.C. Barlow on IRDA Winner “Pivot”

“My roommate leaves me notes on rose petals.”