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Advice from IR Approved Author M.S. Valdez: “…I find that narrating [and recording] your work can really help to find grammatical and compositional errors.”

The year is 1241 A.D.  As the Holy Roman Empire is being torn apart with civil war and outside forces, the paladin, Camila Chastaine, struggles in her duties to protect the realm and its citizenry. 

IR Approved Author Benjamin Gohs: “Advice is nice but you’ve got to figure your writing life out for yourself.”

Death of Abeona Browne’s famed abolitionist father in 1860 sparks a frantic transatlantic adventure as she searches the wilds of Africa for answers to devastating family secrets which threaten the very anti-slavery movement her father...

IR Approved Authors Bruce + Carson McCandless on “Carson Clare’s Trail Guide to Avoiding Death”

The Trail Guide is the pre-teen's best friend--a book of practical tips in verse to help him or her deal with the strange world of middle school, social media, bullies, body shamers, and more! 

IR Approved Author HJ Koch on His Book ‘Thayer’s Return’

In a compilation of historical verse, Sylvanus Thayer, the Father of West Point, returns to the U.S. military academy as a ghost to catch up on it’s history.

IR Approved Chris Driver on “…working life, the value of a liberal arts education in America and what it’s like to be overeducated and underemployed…”

Despite my master’s degree in English, I ended up driving a truck, delivering and repossessing portable storage barns in isolated, rural, southeastern backyards across several states. I came to realize I had more to share...

Author Beth Cohen on her IR Approved book “Workaches”

As a clinical and organizational psychologist, with many decades of organizational and clinical experience, I created "Workaches" to offer staff and leaders alternative lenses and tools to build organizations that move beyond just surviving.

Advice from IR Approved Author Isabel Jolie: “…devoting some amount of time to marketing and to staying current with this evolving industry is important.”

She’s a reluctant dog sitter, he’s a sexy single dad and veterinarian. When they meet, sparks fly, but they both have a lot to work out.  She’s all about having fun, and he’s forgotten what...

IR Approved Author DL Murphy: “The best part is being able to call the shots…”

"The Warrior Princess" is a children’s book and a yogi's tale of facing and overcoming obstacles.

IR Approved Author Steve McManus on Being an Indie: “You learn a lot as you go, and some lessons are more expensive than others…”

During the last days of fifth grade, a group of friends investigate a rumor of a girl who vanished, and find more than they bargained for.