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The Ups and Downs of Being Dead

By M. R. Cornelius

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The story line, while interesting and a good read, is rather lacking in depth for the majority of the story.

The Ups and Downs of Being Dead is a science fiction novel set in the present day. Written by Marsha Cornelius, it follows Robert Malone, a former fashion industry powerhouse, through his experiences after he was cryogenically frozen.

After a somewhat confusing start, the reader learns that cryogenically frozen and people who have passed away have their spirits separated from their bodies and are left to roam the Earth and do as they please for as long as their bodies are frozen. They aren’t visible and cannot be sensed by normal, living beings. However, they can walk through walls and can sit on real world items, such as chairs, seats on public transportation, and things of that variety.

The story line, whilst being interesting and a good read, is rather lacking in depth for the majority of the story. As the reader comes to the last third or so of the book, things start to get more interesting as we experience Robert Malone discovering how to implant himself into people’s minds so that he might experience the things that his host is doing and feeling. Additionally we follow Robert as he is forced to watch his son go to jail and serve a life sentence. Robert falls deeply in love with a woman who was killed and spends the majority of his time as a ghost with her. Once his time to be unfrozen comes, he searches for a way to stay as a ghost so he might spend the rest of eternity with her.

The Ups and Downs of Being Dead was an entertaining read, however, not one that possessed an in-depth storyline that causes the reader to have to think too hard about it. Furthermore, there is a lack of complex actions in the novel; rather it is mixture of simple, mindless events.

Reviewed by Robert Bennett for IndieReader

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