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The Intentional Networker

By Patti DeNucci


This handbook for assessing your goals, focus and gaining networking skills and inspiration is chock full of strategies and tips for self-improvement and networking.


The Intentional Networker presents detailed step-by-step exercises and activities suitable for those new to networking practices, or for experienced networkers who need a refresher course or strategies. Author, communicator and connector, Patti DeNucci has been teaching her intentional networking strategies for over twenty-five years. The strategically ordered chapters are organized to start changes and improvements from within; with the first three chapters about centered on intentions, building a better you with self-assessment and self inventory questions including goal setting, mission statements, self discovery work to improve self-knowledge to gain clarity and focus on vision and goal attaining.

The chapters then progress to show how to build connections, with details on how to attract quality clients, rather than huge quantities of new clients. DeNucci reveals how to bring in valuable clientele with exercises that narrow down your criteria on the sort of clients that will most benefit your image and business. DeNucci also presents tactics on weeding through contact lists and set boundaries to maintain a network that is truly representative of your image and your goals for yourself and your business.

DeNucci’s chapters include bullet points on various topics, from the traits of successful networkers to ideas on networking functions and behavior. There are also sections called “Try This”, which makes suggestions for exercises to spur creative thinking for self-improvement and focus, such as making a vision board.

The Intentional Networker provides invaluable information, not just for the average business person, but also anyone who needs to network. Not only does The Intentional Networker provide creative and beneficial networking strategies, this book gives the reader self-confidence by providing the tools that allows the reader to focus intention and have clarity in goal making and visions.

The Intentional Networker is a easy to follow, positive life-strategy book for anybody who needs to deal with people, from the business executive to the freelance consultant to a teacher to the parent on the PTA board.


Reviewed by Maya Fleischmann for IndieReader