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Princess Cupcake Jones and the Missing Tutu

By Ylleya Fields

What girl doesn’t dream of being a princess? It’s a tale come true when you can imagine being in royal slippers! The whimsical nature of Princess Cupcake is a realistic picture of children at preschool age; all things are enticing, and everything is of interest. Her playful abandon to all things of a curious nature takes Princess Cupcake throughout the palace. But when Princess Cupcake’s tutu is lost, she begins a quest that changes her perspective on being tidy. Her messes have multiplied and Mom says she must take responsibility for what has been lost. She’s left trails of her adventures throughout the kingdom and finds other missing treasures as she retraces her steps to find her beloved costume.

What parent hasn’t faced the dilemma of toys strewn room to room? This delightful book is a teaching tool that draws the reader in to a lesson on responsibility and the reward of good stewardship. The rhythm from page to page entrances and captivates as the artwork jumps off the page in vibrant colors. The marriage of author and artist is a combination that results in a beautiful appeal to the senses.

A parent could be disappointed in the inclusion of “witch and broom,” but it stems from the imagination of Princess Cupcake as she ponders the disappearance of her tutu. She wonders if robbers or fairies or other characters have stolen away her prized possession in the middle of the night.

Featuring the beautiful hues of African American skin, this story is a perfect reminder that even a princess has to clean up her room!

PRINCESS CUPCAKE JONES AND THE MISSING TUTU is a fun read for a grandparent to share with a granddaughter of any age.  The principles will grow with the child as she grasps more of the concepts through each subsequent year.

Reviewed by Sally Ferguson for IndieReader.