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Fun in the Yellow Pages

By Bobbi Groover

Pierson Chandler knows that summer is going to be a disaster.  He will be experiencing the “simpler life” on a farm with his mother and father.  As if that isn’t bad enough being “thrown into exile,” Pierson is going to be “banished” there with his fifteen-year old cousin Will.

Will, who hates Pierson and looks like he has a permanent frown on his face. But things end up being a whole lot different than Pierson expected. The farm brings some unexpected surprises as Pierson and Will address some issues in their lives and bond with one another, with the help of some special animal friends on the farm.

Pierson discovers that there is more to life than television and modern comforts, as he delves into working on the farm, driving Big Bertha, fishing with his dad and Will and makes a special connection with Symphony, a small horse living on the farm. He ends up having such a great time, that he might list the activity under FUN in the Yellow Pages.

For Will, it is through the hard farm work, his time with Pierson’s family and his goal to ride the stubborn horse, Rocky, that makes him confronts his dark secret behind the anguish about his father leaving him three years earlier so that he finally can let go of his hatred, anger and fear.

Author Groover effectively portrays the healthy partnerships and relationships in Pierson’s family, and how their love and loyalty gets Will through his tough times so he is able to have a good relationship with his mother.

Fun in the Yellow Pages teaches a wonderful lesson about nurturing others to heal oneself. This heartwarming tale about love and family will have make you laugh and cry and will appeal to readers, especially animal lovers, aged 10 years and up.

Reviewed by Maya Fleischmann for IndieReader