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Chasing Amanda

In this suspenseful tale set in quiet, small-town Boyds, Maryland, a seven-year-old girl named Tracey mysteriously vanishes from a playground.The irony is that 42-year-old Molly Tanner had re-located her family to this town for its safety: nine years earlier another little girl had been abducted near Molly’s Philadelphia home.

Molly, both blessed and cursed by a “Knowing” or sixth sense, had a feeling something was wrong the day Amanda had been kidnapped and murdered, but she hadn’t acted on her instincts. This time, however, she is determined to hunt Tracey’s abductor down, both to save the girl and to assuage her own guilt for not listening to her own intuition in the past. Her mission–and the state of her marriage–is complicated by the fact that her physician/husband Cole doesn’t believe in her psychic abilities, although Erik, their college-aged son, has inherited his mother’s gift.

As she follows the clues to Tracey’s disappearance, this time Molly listens to her inner voice and heeds her disturbing visions. But to solve the mystery she must unravel a multi-layered web of deception that surrounds a cast of characters who seem to know more than they’re willing to tell, including the venerable church pastor and the respected town historian.

Foster captures the terror and fear of an abducted child as well as the passion and resolve of the woman who is driven to rescue her before it’s too late in this riveting, polished page-turner.

Reviewed by Kathryn Livingston

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