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12 Ways to Turn Your Website Into a 24/7 Sales Machine

Is your website working for you? Is it helping you sell more books? So many authors really don’t know the answer to this question. And with so many options out there for websites, how do...

Advice from IR Approved Author Noah Hartley: “Walk away from your work for a while.”

Leftenant Clayton Wade is the gun deck officer of the futuristic 48 gun warship Argo from planet Thera as it sails across the galaxies in the year 2646 A.D. protecting civilian convoys along trade routes...

IR Approved Author Starr Green on the hardest part of being indie: “Getting people to trust your writing enough to put their time into reading it.”

An autistic runaway joins modern gods in a dangerous search for missing humans while falling in love.

Advice from IR Approved Author Monique Duclos: “Always listen to your gut, keep writing, and don’t give up.”

Written in the first person, we follow the simple life of Dallas Penske, a barista working at a Starbucks in Hollywood.

Advice from IR Approved Author Bill VanPatten: “Keep writing, but don’t do it alone.”

A small-town gay teenager’s first love becomes an obsession—and the consequences take his family to the brink.”

Advice from IR Approved Author Benjamin Plumb: “Keep a journal. It brings a double benefit – daily practice in writing, and the generation of a ton of unique content that you can use in writing future stories and books.”

It is about my life as a case study in how not to be satisfied as an introvert. 

IR Approved Author Stephen Akey Tells All About His Book

"Raccoon Love" is about intimacy in all its sublime and maddening ordinariness. I think most of us tend to be a bit embarrassed by the ordinariness of our lives. What I’ve tried to do in...

Advice from IR Approved Author John Webster: “Polish and refine your manuscript after you believe it’s done, then work with an editor with at least a couple rounds of substantive editing.”

My memoir recounts a surprising story: how I let myself slide into an unhealthy state, then finally turned that around. Getting in touch with physicality led to an epiphany about how to achieve wellness and...

IR Approved Author Rich Flanders: “Your book is your legacy. You want it to be regarded with respect and admiration.”

Swift, lyrical, often astonishing, this is a tale of high adventure, of love lost and found, a lifelong journey of enlightenment and remarkable interspecies encounters.