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Advice from IR Approved Author Tim Darcy Ellis: “You need to get the balance between ‘don’t give up on your day job’ and ‘don’t give up on your dream.'”

"The Secret Diaries Of Juan Luis Vives" chronicles the epoch-making adventures of the real-life great Spanish humanist, Juan Luis Vives.

The Socratic Method of Book Marketing

One common method for discussion or problem solving is called the Socratic Method. This is when you ask questions about the topic at hand, and use the answers to better understand what you really want...

Advice from IR Approved Author R. Peter Keith: “Make a plan and follow it. Adjust things along the way, but execute your plan.” 

It’s “What if Carl Sagan had done “Star Trek”?  WINE DARK DEEP is a grounded sci-fi action adventure with real science at the heart of some of it’s big challenges.

Advice from IR Approved Author Elaine Alec: “Be fearless.”

Calling My Spirit Back is an exceptional piece of Canadian writing by an Indigenous author that addresses our particular period in Canadian history when the conversations about systemic racism and abuse of women and the...

Advice from IR Approved Author Dana McSwain: “Believe in yourself and believe in your story.”

Georgia Pritchard’s dream house has a dead child in the attic and a monster in the basement but she can’t tell her husband because she’s not sure it’s really him anymore.

Advice from IR Approved Author Jonathan Harries: “Write every day. Even if it’s only revising a paragraph and writing one new sentence.”

Finding out that your family has been in the assassination business for seventy generations may come as a surprise. Realizing that you’re expected to take over is enough to make anyone lose their lunch.

Advice from IR Approved Author Deb Pines: “Stop waiting for some outside validation to say you’re a writer. If you want to be a writer, get going!”

When socialite Connie de Palma turns up dead in a gorge near the Chautauqua summer arts community in 2019, many friends and family look guilty. The cops don’t suspect foul play. So, luckily, local reporter...

PR Pro Offers Indie Authors Excellent Book Promotion Tips + Ways to Better Navigate the High Publicity Seas

PR Pro Sandra Poirier Smith explains what she [Smith Publicity] does, what mistakes new authors make and why every author should be on GoodReads.

Advice from IR Approved Author Jeff Shaw: “Never give up. That goes for both writing your story and learning the craft.”

I’ve learned that most people really don’t understand what a police officer does every day and how it affects them personally. I want to show those people the true horrors, the brutal things one man...