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IR Approved Author Deb Pines on The Fruit of Lies and Jeff Bezos Exposing Pecker

When Thomas Whistler Senior, a much-despised energy-bar mogul, is found murdered in his Chautauqua McMansion’s Japanese soaking tub, his seven kids are the obvious suspects. But nothing is obvious about this case.

6 Tips for Using Bonus Content to Boost Your Book Promotion

Creativity is a huge part of being an indie author. And while a lot of creativity goes into writing your book, it shouldn’t end there. When it comes to book promotion, indie authors have the...

IR Approved Author Monique Gliozzi talks about her book, HUNTED

HUNTED follows on from the first book, Foresight, in which a  detective by the name of Isabella Ashford, working on a double homicide case, is framed by her enemies.

IR Approved Author Jacob Paul Patchen: “The hardest part about being a new writer is believing in yourself. After all, aren’t we our biggest critics?”

A small-town hero detective preys upon his family in the form of sexual, mental, and physical abuse. But they have had enough. After the justice system fails to serve them justice, they take matters into...

IR Approved Author Earl Randall: “The best thing about being an indie is that I was able to finally get exactly the kind of book that I wanted.” 

The book is about the various techniques I have learned regarding safe driving practices in Canada and the United States as a result of having instructed driver  training courses for fifty years.

IR Approved Author Anna Mocikat: “I don’t have a choice but to be creative every day. It’s like breathing for me.”

SHADOW CITY is a fast-paced, cinematic Dark Fantasy/Sci-Fi story set in post-apocalyptic LA and featuring a badass, female villain.

Best Reviewed Books of the Month

December '19

Advice from IR Approved Kip Cassino: “Don’t do business with anyone until you have thoroughly researched them.”

"The Narrow Man" follows the murderous run of a psychopath as he tries to reclaim his shattered life.

Creating Best-Selling Book Ideas

It’s one thing to write a book; it’s quite another to write a book that will sell. We all want to follow our passion, write our dream, and dance creatively with our muse.

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