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The best way to put your book in the hands of some of the most powerful people in publishing.

IndieReader’s fourth annual “Discovery Awards” (IRDAs)—where undiscovered talent meets people with the power to make a difference. With the rush by traditional publishers to sign indies and their noteworthy bestselling status, there’s no longer much doubt that indie authors can be both commercially and creatively successful. All that was left to do was create a credible vehicle by which to find them. That’s where the IRDAs come in. What makes the IRDAs so unique is their extraordinary panel of judges, including top agents, traditional publishers, PR people, bloggers and book reviewers–a virtual who’s who of some of the most important people in publishing today.


$150 for first category

$50 per additional category

NEW FOR 2016! Get an eye-catching, PR worthy blurb with every IRDA 3+ starred rating.  It’s most definitely money well spent.

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“…The IndieReader Discovery Awards…represents the best from the website’s reviewed books in a given year. With these great books on one list, you can quickly and easily find something worth reading from this new realm of publishing.”

– Brandi Megan Granett, HUFFINGTON POST, 8/20/14

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