IndieReader In-Store (IRIS) is IR’s new publishing, book marketing and distribution service. Not just another listing, IRIS works with Edelweiss, an online interactive database used by a majority of independent bookstores (plus B&N), combining the selling power of brick-and-mortar bookstores with the vast community of self-published authors.

IRIS provides an easy, cost-effective, and efficient way for booksellers to stock and sell branded, self-published books and for indie authors to get onto the shelves of indie bookstores. Books distributed by IRIS (via Ingram Wholesale) will carry the trusted IndieReader imprint, differentiating them from the millions of other indie books on the market.

As a bonus, for no additional fee, your book will be included in the Edelweiss Digital Review Copy (DRC) Module. Similar in function to NetGalley, it is a secure, controlled way for authors to share their DRCs with reviewers, bloggers, librarians, media, booksellers, and wholesalers.

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