Option One. Reissue your book with Ingram Spark.

You can create an account at Ingram Spark, which will let you manage the book and receive the royalties directly. Go to http://www.ingramspark.com.   You have the choice of using a new ISBN or keeping the same one (See above). We can supply a new ISBN if you want a new one.

You can make ISBN changes to your book yourself, (changing the barcode on the back cover and the ISBN on the copyright page). If you do not wish to make the changes yourself, you can send us the interior and cover files and we will make the changes for you. A new ISBN and the work of making the changes will incur additional charges ($99 for the ISBN and $175 for the changes). Spark books are automatically returnable/55%.

Option Two. IndieReader Publishing Services reissues your book through Ingram Lightning Source.

In this case, IndieReader manages the book and sends you royalties.

We will set the correct return and discount terms. Again, we can supply an ISBN if you wish. You’ll need to send us the interior and cover files. The cost for this option is $250, plus $99 if you buy an ISBN.

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