Dec 08, 2016
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Terell Paris

Terell Paris graduated from the Perpich Center for Arts Education in 2001, and lives in Minneapolis. A life long enthusiast of literature and comic books, he currently works in the trenches of the used book industry as well as being a freelance author and musician.
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Graphic Novel  |  

Iron Bound

In the genre of crime fiction, there are some steadfast principles.

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Comics & Graphic Novels  |  

Strong Eye Contact

Some of the best comics and graphic novels, those that most artfully employ the comic book form, gleefully and defiantly resist the possibility of such digital appropriation.

Comics  |  

David B.’s “Incidents in the Night”

David B.’s “Incidents in the Night” begins, fittingly, with a dream.

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Comics  |  

By This You Shall Know Him

Jesse Jacobs’ “By This You Shall Know Him” is a surreal and visionary account of the earth’s cosmic origin.

Comics Micro-Publisher  |  

Deep in the Woods



IR Rating

This over-sized newsprint style comic book is a collaborative double feature by Noah Van Sciver and Nicholas Breutzman, two exceptionally talented comic writers and artists possessing their own genuinely distinctive styles, who each contribute an original story channeling the ominous gravity found in the grimmest of fairy tales and urban myth.

sunday cover
Small Batch Books/Graphic Novels  |  

Sunday in the Park With Boys

By Jane Mai


IR Rating

The comic takes place largely in Janey’s mind; in fact, the distinction between reality and her own subconscious state is almost entirely absent.

Comics  |  

Will Dinski’s “Ablatio Penis”



IR Rating

For its briskness and brevity, Will Dinski’s mini comic “Ablatio Penis” (a title which takes some effort to disentangle from its hypnotically abstract cover art, and initially strikes a bewildering note to the reader), is a political tale of surprising subtlety and dimension.

Graphic Novels  |  

Eamon Espey’s “Songs of the Abyss”

Eamon Espey’s “Songs of the Abyss” is an unsettling balance of the cartoonish, the grotesque, and the divine; an hallucinatory fever dream filled with surreal, nightmarish imagery, it’s also a vivid and meticulously rendered mosaic by an artist with a formidable command of his own composition.