Dec 10, 2016
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Steve Urena

Steve Urena is a journalist based in Flanders, N.J. His work has been featured in Steppin Out Magazine,Paste Magazine,, The New Jersey Herald, The Daily Record and on WRNJ radio. Email: Steve @ or contact him on Twitter @ Steve Urena
mr yang
Comics  |  

Mickey Lam Takes Extra Terrestrial Comics Back to School

Enter Mr Yang. High School teacher and Extra Terrestrial Ass Kicker!

One-Stop Shop  |  

Groupees: Your One Stop Shop For All Independent Art

For the next big thing in music, games, comics, film and more.

frf cover 1
Comics  |  

Fat Rabbit Farm: A Comic as Sweet as its Characters

A floating world where adventure happens and friendships are made.

flutter 1
Comics  |  

Jennie Wood Blurs the Lines of Love with Flutter

As teens hit puberty, finding their identity can be an arduous quest. In the case of Flutter’s main character, Lily, it gets a little more complicated than that.

tabula 1
Comics  |  

Tabula Rasa/Butterfly: A Grindhouse Feature in Comic Form

Grindhouse films used to be prevalent in cinema due to fans of excessive violence, buxom babes, and, of course, entertaining over-the-top stories.

blood brothers 2
Comics  |  

Blood Brothers

Family, Violence, and Humor Straight from Venezuela

monster cover
Graphic Novel  |  

Nick Doan takes Comics to School with Monster Elementary

Though the end of summer may be rough for kids to endure, there is a school in the comic world that will be having fun all year long.

Comics  |  

RUN DMC’s Darryl McDaniels

He’s branching out of his music-making ways with his new independent publisher, “Darryl Makes Comics”.

Comics  |  

Tyrell Cannon Fires on all Cylinders with his Upcoming Projects

IR: What are your plans for the future?

TC : Keep making comics. Never stop.

war 1
Comics  |  

War of the Woods: A Fictional Tale of Animals and Aliens

An alien invasion story through the eyes of the animal kingdom.

Comics  |  

Headlocked: Combining the Love for Comics and Pro Wrestling

Comic books and professional wrestling are actually quite similar.

Science Tales by Darryl Cunningham
Comics  |  

IndieReader Investigates Darryl Cunningham

IndieReader: What are your plans for the future?

Darryl Cunningham: Live, draw, then die. But all done in a cheery manner

the webcomic
Comics  |  

Tony Digerolamo’s Web Comic Factory

Web comics have proved to be a very entertaining alternative to people looking to read comics in other forms besides print. Veteran comic book writer Tony Digerolamo is taking full advantage of that need with his very own website the Web Comic Factory.

milk & cheese 1
Comics  |  

Milk, Cheese, and Everything in Between: An Interview with Evan Dorkin

Evan Dorkins’ creations have made a significant dent in the world of comic books. His famed dairy duo of Milk and Cheese, have been entertaining people with their crazy brand of lactose humor and hijinks.

Punk Rock Jesus 3
Comics  |  

Punk Rock Jesus: Putting Our Faith Back in Comics

The project tells the story of a reality show featuring a clone of Jesus Christ and the chaos he creates across the United States in the near future.

wash cycle small
Comics  |  

Steve Yurko’s “Wash Cycle” Leaves Readers Soaked in Creativity

Imagine yourself going to a Laundromat on a rainy day. Sounds pretty boring, right? Now what if you stepped outside were that Laundromat and came face to face with a giant squid? Talk about a laundry mishap! And you thought separating out your colors from whites was a problem!

bluewater kris
Comics  |  

Bluewater Productions: An Indie Publisher on the Rise

Bluewater Productions brings forth a diverse library of titles and talent to the table, with stories that range from classic myths, science fiction and superheroes to Hollywood legends such as William Shatner, Roger Corman, Adam West, Julie Newmar, Ray Harryhausen and Vincent Price.

anything cover
Comics  |  

“Anything That Loves”

A comic anthology exploring and celebrating the world between “gay” and “straight”, showcasing characters that are bi-sexual, pansexual, omnisexual, and just about everything in-between.

tenstate cover
Indie Comics  |  

TenState: Part Reality Show, Part Comic Book, All Entertainment!

What if ten Americans from all over the country were forced to live together in a biodome? Would you tune in every week to watch the shenanigans? What problems would arise, and of course, who would leave the biodome a star?

uncle alice
Comics  |  

Alice Cooper Collaborates with Dark Matter for Ghoulish Collaboration

Legendary rock musician and spooky personality Alice Cooper wants to go back to those days and is teaming up with Tom Sheppard (“The High Fructose Adventures of the Annoying Orange”) to produce his own horror anthology collection.